Team Teaching

What is Team Teaching?

Team teaching is a method used in collaborative classrooms where both teachers have an equal role in planning and instructing a classroom lesson.


  • While one teacher is explaining an idea the other teacher is modeling the work on the board
  • While one teacher is instructing the other teacher should anticipate challenging concepts and asking the teacher questions so she can clarify or retell the questions students may have
  • One teacher can instruct on one idea and the other teacher can follow and teach one another idea — this allows for multiple strategies to be shared


  • Create the assessment together because they contribute equally
  • Formative assessment during lessons, group work, and individual work
  • Collaboration to ensure assessment is appropriate with student's IEPs

Classroom Management

  • Both teachers are involved in developing the classroom rules, routines, and expectations
  • The special education teacher helps the general education teacher understand the needs of students with special needs
  • Both teachers are providing rewards, praise, and reinforcers


  • In order for team teaching to be successful both teachers are committed to planning every aspect of their classroom
  • Mutual planning and sharing of ideas for instruction, assessment, and classroom management

Pros to Team Teaching

  • Communication between the two teachers models a respectful working relationship
  • Allows both teacher to provide prospective on a topic
  • Struggling students have the supports to be successful in the grade-level curriculum
  • Can allow teaching of two strategies simultaneously