How Video Games Help People

By David Flores

Ways playing video games helps you

1.Playing puzzle games can help you start your brain up and think which can help a lot in the real world.

2.Some video games (like RPG's) can improve your eyesight because you will need to spot a target or enemy

3.Virtual Reality (VR) in video games can train doctors to do surgery and can train people in many careers .

4. Studies have shown that if a child with dyslexia plays games that require some reading can help out with their dyslexia

5.Most people go to video games to release stress

6.Children playing videos help them learn new technical skills

7.Research shows that playing video games that make you think can slow down the aging process

8.Many children go to education game sites to learn at young age so they can be prepared for school.

9.Some Video games allow you to interact with other gamers and get more social skills.

10.For example you are playing a game where you need to think hard and make good decisions , well studies have shown that people will think harder than normal to try to win the game.

11.Back to the social skill games that put you on teams may help with your team work skills because ,do you want people to get mad at you for not using the team strategy.