Medical Assistant

Kirstyn Dorrell

Daily Activities

A Medical Assistant helps care for patients. They carry out routine treatments, run test labs, and maintain office records.

Working conditions

  • Have a high level of social contact. They work closely with patients, doctors, and other office staff.
  • Always work indoors.
  • Must be in exact in their work. Errors in procedures, treatments, or records could result in serious injury to patients, staff, or themselves.
  • May work part time or full time. Most work full time.

Preparation and Training

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Complete moderate-term, on-the-job training.

Yearly Wages

Earn $27,890 per year

Important Skills For The Job

  • The ability to work well with a computer.
  • Able to run lab tests.
  • Able to give patients the right treatment.
  • Maintain an organized list of office records.
  • Care for the patients.

Recommended Core and Elective Classes

The core classes you'd have to take would be Science and Math. The elective classes you could take would be a nursing class.