Summer Book Voyages

Literary and Arts Enrichment Course for Children

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Books come to life in this enrichment course that promotes literacy, creative writing, and artistic expression. Students are immersed into, the setting, the story and characters in exciting new ways.


  • Express Course: One-week course, M-F for one hour.
  • Summer Session Book Voyages Daily Course: Meets one day a week for one hour over the course over a four week period.
  • Summer Camp Course: Specifically tailored for ages 9-12 this course meets daily, M-F for two hours over a four week period.

Our Instructors

During the Course Each Student Will:

  • Discover writing through a range of creative projects including poetry, writing prompts and short stories
  • Learn how to express different emotions through creative writing.
  • Listen to, dance to and make music. Explore how music can set the tone for telling a story and ignite different emotions.
  • Discover inner Picasso with a variety of art projects based on each book. Students will finger paint, create crafts and more.

Big J Books

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