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It can go from mid 60"s to low 70"s all year round.

Climate: The summer can get up too as high as 100 and the winters will go as low to 60.

Physical Characteristics

- Lake Ohrid is the biggest lake in Macedonia with a surface of 358.87 km squared.

- The Skojpe valley is the largest valley on Macedonia.

How to fit in

In Macedonia they speak South Slavic, Portuguese and Polish.

Four folkways: are their religion= 30% Christian, 5 % muslim, 40% Catholic. Breakfast is at 9AM and they eat dinner at 2PM. Going to the theater is very popular. Swim once a week.

Two Taboos: Must not swear in public or eat with mouth open.


One value the Macedonians take very strict is their religion and family. Family meals are very important and spending quality time with their loved ones. Religion is another strict value they have in Macedonia, they go to church every sunday.


The traditional economy was agricultural and pastoral. The nation is now industrialized and has been integrated in international trade.

Among Christians, a bird is eaten for Christmas, and lamb for Easter. Among Muslims, a lamb is slaughtered for Kurban Bayhem. At Christmas Eve dinner it is traditional to serve a cake with a coin in it.

Culture Landscape

one Culture landscape is Mount Korab, it has an elevation of 10,000 feet. The mountain is split between two countries and can be seen from many miles away.

Cultural Diffusion

An example of Cultural diffusion in Macedonia is that they play hockey. Hockey is typically played in the United States or Canada. Hockey is growing in Macedonia and it can become apart of their culture.

Culture Change

The Culture Change in Macedonia is that the population is growing. More people are coming and staying in Macedonia due to the culture and lovely attractions they have in this beautiful country.