OCT. 16th, 2017 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

All Means All!

Thank you for being fast Llamas!

Wow, we just had our professional development and I already see the implementation of the behavioral and reading strategies discussed.

I love seeing the students walking in the line using hallway Pony Hugs.

I like how you are asking your students to show you their plan.

I especially enjoyed listening to how your students are now applying for their class jobs.

Run Fast Llamas Run!

Professional Learning Community Sessions

Find the agenda (here) for the data sessions with our PLCs on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017. We will be looking at math data using our IPS journals. :-)

Please bring your charged laptops, standards binders, and six (6) of your students' IPS journals. When selecting journals, please choose one (1) academically low, four (4) average/middle range, and one (1) academically high.

Lewisville ES No Excuses Rallies!

It’s time for our first No Excuses Rally of the year. Here are some important steps to follow to ensure we have a successful rally:

  1. Please make sure to view the announcements with your class because there is a part that talks about expected behavior during the pep rally! Here is the link to the folder.
  2. Talk to your students about what to expect. Have specific conversations with your individual students who may have behavior challenges.
  3. Click here for the maps and information regarding arrival and dismissal to and from the gym. This topic was introduced during our staff learning last Wednesday.

Key components of every rally:

  • University Fight Songs playing as students enter the gym (Mr. Thomas)
  • Entrance song, dance/clap (3 min.)
  • ”After High School Comes College” Vision and Purpose (5 min.)
  • We believe that all of our Ponies will be successful, will be leaders, and with hard work and determination will be college ready.
  • School Motto: Learners Today...Leaders Tomorrow!
  • Character Trait Talk (5 min.)
  • School Chant (1 min.)

Future ideas click here


Alex Kixmiller from Professional Development will be on campus tomorrow to observe our implementation of CHAMPS strategies. We have a variety of levels in the amount of CHAMPS training received on our campus. Please complete the Google Form below so that we know what is needed to ensure that we all are knowledgeable and comfortable implementing CHAMPS at LVES.

Assessments/Data: Grade Level Reading Goals + Data Folders

We have been discussing grade level reading goals. In the last team meeting, we brainstormed some possible goals. You asked to look at your October data to finalize your reading goals.
  • See graphs below to view grade level reading data.
  • Please contact Samia Rutherford or Stephanie Sanchez to learn how to view data for your individual class or watch the following video.
  • Remember to continue implementing guided reading with fidelity!!
  • We will use the Reading Goal document (Here) to write down each grade level's final Reading goal on the "Reading SMART Goal box," during Wednesday's team meeting.

Chapter 8 from the No Excuses University book states that "Assessment is not about you as a teacher; it is about your students. Our reason for assessing students has to be grounded in the commitment to use the information in a way that helps us to generate greater success for them." Mr. Lopez mentions in his book that during his first year as a teacher he spent 90% of his time collecting data and 10% using it for the benefit of his kids. By his second year as a classroom teacher, he realized that he could turn the ratio on its head, by having one simple conversation with his students before and after each major assessment.

In Lewisville ES, we will use data folders to facilitate and document data conversations with our Ponies.

The goal:

  • Implement the use of 2nd through 5th grade data folders by the end of November, and implement the use of Kindergarten and 1st grade data folders in January.
  • Red plastic folders will be provided
  • Wanda Oden will share more information during grade level meetings.
  • We extend sincere appreciation to the teachers already implementing the use of data folders and student data conversations. :-)

The Process:

  • We began by making a commitment with grade levels Reading Goals.
  • Our next step will be to make a commitment as an individual classroom. Begin thinking about how your individual classroom will contribute to the attainment of the grade level reading goal. What conversations are you having with your students? Are you sharing your classroom I station data? Do your students understand the meaning of the data? How should be show/display/graph classroom progress?
  • In the video clip below, Rick Wormeli author of Fair Isn't Always Equal and Differentiation, explains the difference between formative and summative assessments and how formative assessments help offer better feedback to your students.
  • We will have more in-depth conversations during our November 1st Team meetings.

LVES Tier Movement Data (I station) Remember to continue implementing guided reading with fidelity!!

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Using Formative Assessments To Inform


A Minute with the LASes

Keeping in mind that one of Dr. Rogers Goals for Student Learning is that "88% of classrooms will have evidence of linguistic accommodations after walks by multilingual team utilizing the Language Acquisition Instrument for English Language Learners" and knowing that almost all of you have ELL's in your class, we need you to document the strategies/linguistic accommodations you are using to support them. The LISD Learning and Teaching Department has pre-loaded a form to Aware for each ELL student and made a video explaining how and when to use it for the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. This document is due at the end of the first nine weeks.


Congratulations to the following teachers who have already filled their form out and won a jeans pass and a small teacher survival kit!!!:

Ms. Wier

Ms. Hamilton

Ms. Kilam

Ms. Arocha

Ms. Sammon

Ms. Satterla

Ms. Rigsby

Ms. Sinnott

We will be holding a short after school tutorial this Wednesday 10/18 or can meet with you during your grade level meetings. Let us know if you have any questions or need to schedule a different time. Thank You!!!


The parade will begin at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, October 18th. Line up of the floats will be on Cowan Street (between Main Street and Purnell Street from 4:00 - 5:30 PM). If you would like to walk the parade route with the Lewisville float, please consider wearing 60's attire or LVES spirit wear. A Community Pep Rally will follow at 7:15 PM at City Hall.

See the map of the parade route below.

Thank you for all of your support during the Trunk or Treat PTA event!

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Heads up!

Hello Ponies,

We will have several substitutes in the building this week. Here is a list of teachers and staff that will be off campus on Monday and Tuesday for the No Excuses Conference.

Thank you for all that you do,

Lisa Burleson

What is Happening at our school for the next week?

  • Click here to see the school google calendar. (Thank you Ms. Kitchen for working so hard on this calendar.)

    PTA Cookie Dough Fundraiser continues

    21-Day Challenge- P.E. continues

    Parent Conferences continue


    • LPAC 8:30 to 9:30
    • Math Facilitator on campus in the afternoon
    • College/U Shirt Day
    • University shirts.

    • Data sessions with PLCs in the Library
    • Tutoring begins
    • Farmer Day - Wear Overalls!


    • All Grade Level Team Meetings

    • Fire Safety Clown Show ( K-3) The program starts at 9:00 and is the show is 26 minutes in length.

    • Homecoming or Pony Pride Shirt

    • LHS Homecoming Parade


    • Principals from other campuses will be walking our campus. Let's show them we are fast Lamas!

    • Tutoring

    • "Walk Down Memory Lane - Decade Day" Choose your favorite decade and dress like they did back then! '20s, '30s, '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s...


    • Show your Pony Pride! Wear your favorite LVES spirit shirt OR LVES colors, navy & maroon.

Happy October Birthdays!

  • Melanie Goodman - Oct. 3rd
  • Ashley Sinnott - Oct. 5th
  • Taylore Rimling - Oct. 7th
  • Lynda Shield - Oct. 9th
  • Teresa O'Donnell - Oct. 10th
  • Samia Sarkis Rutherford - Oct. 23rd
  • Polly Miller - Oct. 24th
  • Meredith Mullikin - Oct. 29th

Staff Shout Outs

  • My 3rd grade team for all their help during a time of need.
  • Coach W. - thank you for being intentional about mentoring some of my 4th grade boys!
  • Thank you Mrs. Kitchen for your extra time and effort in organizing and preparing the Rally Maps!
  • Mrs. Hernandez, thank you for the engaging digital citizenship lessons!
  • To Mr. Anderson for taking the leadership during the Trunk or Treat PTA event!
  • Polly Speer - thank you for keeping our team in smiles!

  • Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Sayers for letting us use their classrooms during professional development day.

  • To Mrs. Vando for all of her help organizing PTA.

  • Mrs. Betty Guerrero for being the best secretary ever.

  • Ms. Kilam for teaching her students how to dream.

  • Mrs. Burleson for going above and beyond to support our 1st grade students.

  • Mrs. Simpson for all of her help with our students in the behavior unit.

  • Ms. Lawson for organizing the coming parade.

  • Mrs. Oden for modeling to students how to create multiplication charts.

  • Ms. Amador for teaching her students how to read to someone.

  • Ms. Sammon for teaching her students how to create interactive sentences and learn new vocabulary.

  • Ms. Bernal for using realia and science journals with her kindergarteners.

  • Mrs. Rimling for helping her students setting up Istation goals.

  • Mrs. Arocha and Mrs. O'Donnell for helping their Kinder. students be scientists. They explored, observed and collected data from the garden.

Click here to submit your shout Out.