Good vs Evil

by Olrich Darkpah

paragraph 1

Once upon a time there was a girl called Olrich but most people called her Princess. She had to do the washing, clean the chimney and scrub the floor, so you could say she was a bit like Cinderella but she wasn't. Meanwhile in the lair of evil all the evil characters were planning a plan to kill Olrich.

paragraph 2

One day Olrich'es friends came over for tea. There was Jane(snow white), Grace( princess and the frog), Tamara(cinderella) and Ayeisha (sleeping beauty). So they sat and talked. One hour later the princes came to take the girls out for dinner. But one of the princes wasn't really a prince at all, he was just an evil person disguised as a prince. When they came to a trafic light the evil boy said, "So where are we going agin? Because I know this great place called Casa Da Evil". All the girls said that they could go but the boys told the girls not to eat any thing because Casa Da Evil was a place for evil.

paragraph 3

When the princesses and the princes got home they were staring. They met their arch nemesis in the face. "So we meet again," said Tamara to her stepmother.

"So we do. Get them!" she yelled. And they all started to fight.

last paragraph

But something was not right, the girls were fighting, not the boys. An hour later the girls got tired and they had to give up but the boys were ready to go and they won. The evils lost so they went home and never came back again. Every body lived happily ever after.

The End.