Do friends really know best

By Lia Bekker

Do friends really know best:Peer Pressure

Lizzie is a straight a student who is going to Harvard next year.One day she is hanging out with her friends, and one of her friends offers her an alcoholic drink. Lizzie's friends all say to try it and it's no big deal.Lizzie gives in and try's it.Next thing she knows she is drinking every day and getting drunk before and after school. Lizzie's grades go down, she gets in lots of trouble in school and with the law.She loses her opportunity to go to Harvard.Peer Pressure negatively effects young teens academics,mental and physical health.

Peer pressure can effect your academics in a negative way. Your peers have a large effect on your academic decisions because Teens are influenced by other teens so if all, of your friends don't study,do homework,and skip school and then tell you to do it to you miss a lesson or a homework that could have helped you but instead your grades went down."Students who's decisions were made out in public with 25 percentages points less likely to sign up and were not honors classes".(Emily cuddly and Richard V. Reeves) Peer pressure also affects the kind of peer group you're in. "Sign-up rates for the Sat prep course differed significantly based on the type classroom,honors students were more likely to say yes Students make different decisions when your peers know"(Emily cuddly and Richard V.Reeves). "Students and non-honors classes however were 11 percentage points less likely to sign up if they knew their classmates would know".(Tara Parker-pope)

Knowing that your friends are watching can increase risky behavior. Peer pressure has a negative effect on physical health."The study results are born out in real word data that show teenagers have a much higher risk of car accidents when other teenagers are in the car".(Tara Parker-pope)With this information it clearly shows that peer pressure can severely hurt or kill you.Young teenagers want to impress there friends because they think something is cool but that can often cloud good judgment."Young teenagers ran about 40% more yellow lights and had 60% more crashes when they knew their friends are watching".(Bonnie Miller Rubin and T.shawn Taylor).

When you know that your friends are watching warning h in your brain for something risky turn off.The knowledge of your friends being there prompts you to do something to impress your friends which is not always safe."It was if the presence of friends even in the next room promoted the brains reward system to drown out any warning signals about risk".(Bonnie Miller and T.shwn Taylor)If you know your friends Are watching your brain responds to situations differently."The presence of peers activated the reward circuitry in the brain of adolescents"(Tara Parker-pope).

Some people might think that peer pressure effects teens and kids academics,mental and physical health in a positive way.They think that friends can pressure into something positive.However evidence shows that peer pressure has more of a negative effect.For example when kids get pressured into alcohol,drugs, skip school and many other things.

Negative peer pressure effects both young teens academics,mental and physical health.Schools need to get classes,programs,and lessons to teach kid techniques on different ways to say no and teach kids how to walk away from bad situations. Peer pressure is dangerous but teens and kid don't understand because they want to look cool in front of there friends.Teens get pressured into drinking and drugs and its because of there friends and peers.

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