North Korea - Famine Coming Ahead

By: Shawn Egan

Who? Where? When?

This event is effecting the people of North Korea, and China. Because North Korea is budgeting their money more towards weapons, China, where North Korea gets most of its food from, will not be reciting much money from them. They don't know exactly when this will become a huge issue, but it will occur sometime distant into the future.


The main thing in this article, is North Korea having Famine in the Future ahead of us. North Korea buys most of its food from China, but they are starting to put forth a large amount of their money towards weapons. Kim Jong Un thinks that they should be prepared with Neuclear weapons at any time to come. The people of North Korea will be put into big poverty, and a large portion of them die, due to the lack of food. In conclusion ig is sort of a lose-lose situation for China and North Korea because the people of Korea will not have food, and China will not be receiving as much income from the food purchased.


What makes this story important is the environment in North Korea. They will be in even more danger and more lives will be lost. Also, it will effect the China economy because they will not be receiving as much money from their food. Another thing that makes this important is the fact that North Korea is using more money on weapons, not more useful items.

My Opinion

In my opinion, I don't think it was a good choice for Kim Jong Un to spend that money on weapons. I think he could have spent a lot more money on items that are more useful, and can help the citizens. If I was in China, I would be mad at North Korea because we would not be receiving as much income because they would not be getting North Korea's money which they usually spent on the food.