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Kruger Park

Kruger Park tips

In this park live 2646 species. It’s an huge game reserve in the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces in the north of south africa that has 19000 Km2 so is one of the largest parks in Africa. It was named by president Paul Kruger for his protection to the area from the poachers

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The Big Five


The most elusive of the Big Five. The African leopard occurs mostly throughout the whole of Southern Africa. The best chance of seeing them is in trees, which they use as observation platform or as a safe resting place. Leopards are real masters of disguise: if they don't want to be seen you can be sure not to see them.

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Masters of the African savannah and probably the most exciting animals that can be seen when on a African safari. Lions usually live in prides that consists of a few females, their cubs and a couple of young males. It is most likely that you will see lion when asleep as they rest up to twenty hours per day. They are most active early morning and at sunset.

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Although this animal is sometimes referred to as a bush cow, do not underestimate its capabilities. It has been recorded that an African buffalo can run faster than an astounding 55 kilometres per hour. It is a rather common species that can be found throughout Southern Africa. Male buffalos can weigh up to 700 kilograms.

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This grey giant is the largest living land mammal. Also elephants are widepread throughout Southern Africa and live in a variety of different habitats. They can survive in desert environments, but are most commonly found in woodlands, forests and savannahs. Elephants are among the most social animals living in groups up to a hundred individuals.

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Two species of rhino can be found in South Africa, the white rhino and black rhino. These are not names that refer to the colour of the rhino, they both are pretty much grey. The white rhino's name comes from the Dutch word "wijd", meaning wide and refers to the wide muzzle of this particular specie.

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Natural resources

South Africa is the continent's largest gold producer and ranks fifth in the world in diamond production. Along with a wide range of industrial minerals, it produced 200 tons of gold and 2.4 million carats of diamonds in 2009

Natural Resources of Africa

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