Busy Bee Leader Board

See the Good. See the Need. See the Whole. See the Possible.

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Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

Shelli Boes: I would like to nominate Shellie Boes for all of her efforts with the Family Follies. She did a great job organizing it and pulling it all together to raise money for the school. It turned out to be an AWESOME show!!

Alicia Nazar- I would like to nominate Alicia Nazar for all the "behind the scenes" things she does to make days brighter & better for students & teachers.

Madeline Miller- I would like to nominate Madeline Miller for showing such bright kindness in each task she undertakes & conversation she has.

Sheith Davis and Tammie Earhart: I would like to nominate Sheith and Tammie for leadership this week for helping me print my sub plans and get my classroom ready for my sub today!!

Thomas Tidbits

Don't fret about things you cannot change. Empower yourself to be the best educator you can be. Know your purpose for continuing to do what you do. Understand that your purpose is greater than you. We are all here for someone else whether it's to build, enhance, or encourage.
We often think about how "I feel" or even how am "I" going to do this? But it's not always about you.
We cannot continue to think about "I or me". We have to think in terms of "we".

So I challenge each of you to do the following:
1. Every day, encourage someone.
2. Give someone a hug daily.
3. Speak positive words only.
4. Don't complain.
5. See the glass half full.

If you do those things, your life will change because your perspective will change.

And remember, "Every kid needs a champion." --Rita Pierson

Making our Hive Thrive

K – A kindergarten teacher was teaching vocabulary words through acting out situations and helping students attach meaning to the new words. This teacher was also helping students comprehend the text by asking questions throughout the read aloud and giving students an opportunity to discuss their answers.

1st – A teacher was using math stations to work on true/false equations. The teacher was using this station time to meet with small groups to enhance and reinforce understanding. A teacher was using explicit modeling to help students understand how to construct a written response when responding to comprehension questions. A teacher was using digital picture books to engage students in writing.

2nd – A teacher was explicitly teaching a math concept to students and then she gave them an opportunity to work on the skill in math stations. During this time, she worked with small groups and provided individualized instruction based on the needs of the students.

Counselor Corner

This week I will be doing some of my 2nd grade guidance lessons in the STEAM lab. I will be there from about 8:00-9:10. I will be out by the time the first classes come in.

I recently requested report cards from some of you for the Boys and Girls Club. This is not for the 21st century grant, they need them for another grant that they have. I am only giving them the ones they have consent forms for. If you haven't sent them to me yet, please get them to me as soon as you can. You can either email them to me, or print them out, whatever is easiest for you.

SOME of my guidance lessons will be ending in March and others will be ending in April. I planned an extra date, just in case we would miss some days. But some classes I never missed or was able to reschedule so their last lesson will be one of the last 2 weeks of March. However, if you feel like your kids need an extra lesson on something I didn’t cover, or they need a reminder lesson, let me know and we could schedule something.

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I is for Iceberg

Teaching content is only the tip of the iceberg of what we do for our students. WE:

BUILD character, BOOST self-confidence, KILL apathy, IGNITE passion, CULTIVATE creativity, PROMOTE perseverance, and FOSTER empathy.

We do so much MORE than what a test score could possibly reflect...


--Dave Burgess, P is for Pirate

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Walkthrough Focus

As the end of the year approaches, we would like to turn our attention once more to the "Characteristics of Great Classrooms". Our walkthrough focus will now shift to looking for and celebrating evidence of these 6 characteristics. We will focus on two each month. The focus for March will be: "A Positive Emotional Climate with Clear Routines and Procedures" and "An Organized Lesson Built Around Clear, Measurable Learning Targets". Stay tuned as we highlight examples of ways teachers are exhibiting these great characteristics!

Upcoming Dates

March 2-14: YR Math Benchmark

March 17: Pierce Group presentation on benefits and open enrollment--if you are unable to attend this meeting because it is not on a Wednesday, please let me know and I will give you the contact information of the presenter so that he can meet with you another time. It will be about 15 minutes long and will start around 2:45.

March 18: SIT meeting--we will be looking over the proposed master schedule for next year as well as discussing budget decisions regarding Title I money

March 16-20: SRI for students of concern

March 16-27: TR Math Benchmark

March 18: PAMS Performance--Hobey Ford & His Golden Rod Puppets--9:00 am

March 19: Jennifer Beck leads PLC team meetings--Math Pacing Survey

March 19: Marci off campus in the afternoon

March 20: Marci Executive Coaching Session with Dr. Rutherford

March 20: Celebration of West Southern Pines--Rescheduled because of snow day

March 20: YR Report Cards go home

March 24: Spring Picture Day

March 25: NC Pre-K application In-take @ SPP--12:00-5:30 (Just be aware--it will not affect schedules in any way.)

March 25: Collaborative PLC team meetings

March 26: 2nd grade YR to Discovery Place Kids

March 26: Kindergarten Celebration of the Arts

March 27: Early Release day and STEAM Collaborative Planning as grade levels from 1:00-3:00

March 30-April 13: YR Spring Break

April 2: 2nd grade TR to Discovery Place Kids

April 2: TR Report Cards go home

April 3-10: TR Spring Break

April 17: Kindergarten Registration

April 24: Marci Executive Coaching Session with Dr. Rutherford

April 24: Assistants Professional Development on Reading Strategies--10:30-12:30

April 30: School Improvement Site Visit--11:00-12:30