Weekly Launch

May 6-10


Only 18 days left! Can you believe it!! It is just flying by way to fast. We hope you have a great Teacher Appreciation Week! You are so appreciated.

The fire marshal came today. We did great in some areas and not so good in others. We have a new marshal and he is a little more strict than the previous one. His only issue is the amount of decorations in the hallways and classrooms. Paper should only cover 30% of the wall. You should see more wall than paper. Nothing should be hanging from the ceilings! Sorry! No decorative paper balls, etc. The last big thing is your doors. Nothing should be on it-no paper, wreaths, door signs, etc. As you take down things this year, be thinking about what you will put back up and be sure to keep these restrictions in mind. It stinks!

Important Dates

May 6-

Look for a tool in your box and fill out the room service tag so we can deliver your treat


May 7

Wear college shirt with jeans

Room service treat


Huddle 3:30 pm.

May 8

School Nurse's Day

Pancakes for Breakfast

Fundraiser Pickup


Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night

Collaboration-3rd/4th/5th Learning Progression

Watch DOG-Mr. Strawser-Anna-Kramer-PE

May 9

PTA Luncheon


May 10

Picnic lunch on bus porch

Watch DOG-Mr. Ahmed-Abdurraham-Kramer-PE

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Tenacity

Word of the Month-Grit

Morning Announcements-Fore

Word of the Week-Describe

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for Sandy Varner for thinking of 2nd grade during book fair and purchasing some series books that we could borrow in our current unit-Nicole Janese

This compliment is for Marti Chandler for eating breakfast with one of my students who needed a "pick-me-up."-Nicole Janese

This compliment is for Cari Brandt because she is devoted to help each of our shared students succeed. She genuinely cares for each one.-Robin Doussa

This compliment is for Sherri Jaris because she is always offer a friendly smile and a positive attitude!

This compliment is for Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Fore, Mrs. Steiger, Mrs. Hirsch, Mrs. Bartley, Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Janese, Mrs. Chancey, Mrs. Joiner, Mrs. Bionat, Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Campanaro for taking time out of their busy schedule to gather and copy writing samples. I sincerely appreciate each of you!-Robin Doussa

Shout outs

A big shout out to all the teachers in K and 1 who let other district teachers visit their rooms! They were very appreciative of the opportunity to visit.

A big shout out to Jen Murray for a great Character Connection. Loved the slide show!

A big shout out to the instructional specialists who put on a great Volunteer breakfast. Thanks for all your hard work!

A big shout out to our SLL staff for supporting each other in difficult situations. Y'all are the best!!!

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