CYBER MONDAY with Loren!

Thanks for reading!

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I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving weekend!

While I did not have a chance to write earlier in the weekend as I'd hoped, I am excited to carve out some time today!

For those of you that are a part of our VIP Facebook Group here, than you already know of the AMAZING specials happening this season in our online boutiques! For those that aren't I am sure you are receiving emails from corporate (unless you opted out of them) but I also wanted to share my email as well.

Check out the sales here.

Our family, my children, and even our pets have began to live an easier, more helpful lifestyle since I joined Chloe and Isabel almost 2 years ago. It is because of ALL OF YOU that this is even possible. Your business starts with your clients, and your clients have to believe in YOU as a person. So thank you, even when I haven't been on my "A Game" for believing in me, my family, and more as I learn and grow as an entrepreneur!

When I gave birth to Dexter, I had always intended on going back to work full time away from home to help our family's income level. However when he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, I realized that I couldn't do that because he needed me, his mother to be able to help him through his delay in gross motor skills and to be the biggest cheerleader ever!

Because of this choice to join Chloe and Isabel, it has become possible. While I have embraced other business ventures as well in the coming year, I also will ALWAYS be a chloe and isabel merchandiser because I believe in you, the client, the jewelry, the brand, our amazing CEO, Chantel, and my team!

Our team, Passiflora, is made up of such important forever friendships and important women in my life now, I couldn't be more thankful for them! I actually have 5 team openings happening RIGHT NOW if you are interested in joining!

PLEASE contact me by END OF THE DAY because for $179 + shipping YOU can also open your own Chloe and Isabel boutique!

I am also growing my team in Beautycounter and doTERRA as well into the new year. If you want to be on the forefront of either, please also contact me for more information!

Thank you for making entrepreneurship exciting and possible for me!

With highest respect,

Loren Pudlewski

I've decided to move forward with two new business ventures this year and going forth. I am a firm believer in natural wellness and reducing our carbon footprint. Please join me in health and wellness. Let me introduce Beautycounter and doTERRA to you!

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If you would like to learn more about Beautycounter Cosmetics and skin care - please click here.
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If you are interested in learning more about doTERRA, please click here.
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Kinsley Rose is our sponsor this month! 10% of ALL SALES being donated!

We are ALREADY over $300 thanks to all of you! Let's push it to $400 by end of the day! :)