Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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Mozart's life

Wolfgang's father Leopold was also a musician. However he was not anywhere near Wolfgang in the sense of musical talent. Wolfgang was a child prodigy. At the age of 5, he composed his first minuet. He performed for the Viennese Royal court when he was 6. Finally, Mozart wrote his first symphony at age 9. During his lifetime, Mozart composed over 600 pieces of music. These include symphonies, sonatas, concertos, opera, dance music and masses. Mozart died at age 35 after being ill for a long time. He was buried in a pauper's grade.
Mozart- Symphony no. 1, San Francisco Academy Orchestra, Andrei Gorbatenko

Symphony No. 1

Above is a video of Mozart's first symphony. It is referred to simply as, "Symphony No. 1"

Other Music by Mozart

Some other popular forms of music by Mozart include:
Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (A Little Night Music, 1787)

Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro, 1786)

Don Giovanni, (1787)

Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute, 1791)

Fun Facts about Mozart

Mozart was considered to be very childish and silly. In fact, Mozart often did funny tricks like playing a difficult note with his nose, or turning somersaults during a performance.

Mozart's full name was Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilius Mozart. He went by Wolfi.

Mozart learned to speak 15 languages because of his travels around the world

It would take about 8 days to play all of Mozart's music straight.


Video of Mozart's, "Symphony No. 1"

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Picture of Mozart

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