Canada in 2060

The True Future

Canada's Population NOW!!

Now a days Canada has one of the biggest and best immigration systems in the world. Canada accepts approximately 250k people every year. But on the other hand Canada's birth rate will one day be smaller than the death rate. It is true that Canada might not survive the next decades with a decreasing natural increase. This can affect the Canadian economy because finding workers in the near future will be hard as the population is decreasing. Canada's dependence will be mostly on its immigration process to keep the population increasing.

Canada's Immigration in 2060

By 2060, Canada's immigration rate might be bigger than it is today because by 2060 more people are going to die than people born so Canada will increase its immigration rate to keep the population growing. In 2060, immigrants will be coming from Africa mainly and settling mostly in Newfoundlands and Western states because by that time Central Canada will be populated enough. Also a small number of immigrants will come from Asia. This is because Africa's population is predicted to be 4 billion in the late century and Asia to be 5 billion. What will attract most immigrants is the facilities that Canada offers such as education, better life, safety and more.

Canada's Natural Increase/Decrease in 2060

In 2060, Canada's birth rate will be smaller than the death rate this is because now there aren't as many children as there adults. So by the late 2050s many adult are going to die and there wont be as many children to replace them. That also means Canada will depend on immigrants to become Canadian citizens to cancel out the death rate.
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What might this do to the economy of Canada

This will make Canada's economy heavily depending on foreign workers. This is because by 2060 a lot of people will retire from work and there wont be that many children to work replacing them. This will make Canada depending heavily on people from outside. Canada might not get the number of people it wants because by 2060, many countries around the world will be needing people as much as Canada does and also most of the countries around the world will be developed so people wont have to leave their country to come here. That threatens Canada's population survival thus the economy.
Canada's population problems


What that all means?

If Canada continues to depend on immigrants for population growth, Canada might not have as many immigrants as there are people dying so Canada will one day have to encourage their citizens to have children. To conclude it, Canada needs its citizens to have children in order to insure a safe future.