The Nile River & Hydroelectric Dams

By: Nathan Speropulos

The Aswan High Dam

What is The Aswan High Dam? The Aswan High Dam is a hydroelectric that was built between the 1960's and 1970's. It is located in Aswan, Egypt. Two main landforms near it are The Nile River and The East African Drainage Basin. The Aswan High Dam was built to control floods, provide water for irrigation, and generate hydroelectricity. This is a good place to travel to because it very beautiful and you can even drive over it. It also provides electricity to help the people that live around it. Those are some of the reasons to live near it and what it does for the environment.

Lake Tana

Lake Tana is a very beautiful place. It has light blue water. It also was created when The Nile flooded and fell into a hole in the ground. It is also very large and is connected to The White Nile. Please do take the time to visit these lushes places.

As Sudd

As Sudd is a very large expansion of water. It has little islands of land all around the inside of this region. The floods caused a place where most of the animals live in this region. It also is very large and has small marshes. Please explore this region and all of its wildlife.

The Nile Delta

The Nile River And Hydroelectric Dams DAM RIVER FRIENDS

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