MKS News - February 2021

We LOVE Having You Here At MKS!

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February Update

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but we are keeping warm in the dance studio this month! January was a great month, and we are looking forward to a super fun month ahead in February!

I love that February points us to LOVE. The greatest command in the Bible is to LOVE God, others, and ourselves. This month our students are learning from James how to use their voice (or not!) by being quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry in order to share God's LOVE.

Because of God's grace and mercy, His LOVE pours out of us through dance! In classes, students are growing, learning, and connecting. Teachers are also growing, sharing knowledge & skills, and preparing for the upcoming Dance Concert! Instructors have been meeting to choreograph, and the Front Desk Team is active behind the scenes preparing costume information, researching venue options, and typing up lyric sheets that match our edited music. Students are at the beginning of learning dances (while still working on technique!) and doing song analysis. They are talking about what their songs mean and asking the questions - Why do we dance? What is the message we want to share through our dance?

We are also LOVING by taking action and donating toiletries & personal care items to Joy in Haiti. Join us and visit our lobby drop-off bins!

Thanks for being a part of the MKS community! We LOVE having you here!

2021-22 Kingdom Dancers Ministry Company!

We're thrilled to announce that we are expanding our dance ministry into a Ministry Company for the 2021-22 dance season! We are already preparing the program songs & message, are setting the calendar, and have lots of exciting details that will be coming shortly!

Enrollment for the 2021-22 Kingdom Dancers Ministry Company will open next month in March! Stay tuned for more information...

2021 Dance Concert Happenings

At MKS, we feel called to use our gifts and talents to speak God's LOVE into the lives of our students, families, and community. One of the ways we love doing that is through our annual Dance Concert. It is our desire that students have the opportunity to share all they have learned with the audience in a way that also brings a message of hope, encouragement, and LOVE!

Costumes have been ordered! Costume Info Sheets will be available on our website soon, and we will send out the links to those pages once available. Each Costume Info Sheet will show a picture of the costume along with other costume details, such as what is included with the costumes, specific shoes/tights needed, hair specifications, etc.

Costume Hand out Week is currently scheduled for Mon 4/19 - Sat 4/24. More details to come!

The Show Schedules have been set for the (6) 1 hour performances, and we are still in the process of booking a venue and firming up the dates/times. More details to come soon!


The MKS WEBSTORE is Open Now thru Feb 28!

Cozy Sweats, MKS jackets & masks, "Voice of the King" tees & more!

Did you know that you can put your dancer's name on the back of a tee or on the front of a jacket? I've seen a few around the studio this past month, and they are so cute!

Order in the month of February and receive your order in mid-March!


This month Watch Week is for Studio B - February 1-13

Next month Watch Week is for Studio C (& B/C) - March 1-13

Please have only 1-2 Family members come & please only come 1 week. All Parents/Guardians in the lobby must be wearing a face covering.

Click here for Watch Week details & dates -


March 1 - 2021 Summer & 21-22 Kingdom Dancer Enrollment Opens

March 30 - April 5 - Easter Break (Wed 3/31 3-5 AM classes will have a snow make-up day)

April 6-12 - 2021-22 VIP Early Enrollment for current MKS Families

April 14 - 2021-22 Enrollment Opens to Public

April 19-24 - Costume Hand-Out Week

BLACK HISTORY MONTH - The Importance of Groove . . . Black art as the pillars of American dance.

In the dance world and in our everyday life, there’s a habit of consuming Black culture without recognizing where it comes from. Or consuming art that we don’t realize is appropriated from Black culture. Here are a few things you might not know about the Black or African-American origins of three common styles included in standard American dance training. (African-American referring to Black Americans, and Black referring to all Black peoples of the larger diaspora.)

For the full article:

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