The Other Wes Moore

By: Wes Moore Presentation by: Casey Schwartz

Point of View: 3rd person Omniscient

Examples from the text: Wes was so mad that he grabbed the gun and started toward the door as he thought about what he was going to do.(We see Wes' feelings and thoughts) I was so scared because I was about to jump out of a helicopter.(We see the narrators thoughts and feelings)

Wes Moore and the other Wes Moore are both living bad lifestyles. Somehow one gets out of the bad habits and becomes a military leader. The other one doesn't end up so well.


I chose this passage because it sets up one of the main conflicts in the book. Wes wants a headset this boy is wearing. He asks him where he got it. The boy tells him to be a look out for him and he will get money. That then leads him to start selling drugs.