5th Grade News

January 29, 2016- Charleston Payment Due Monday, Feb. 1

Updated: Winter Ball Flyer Feb. 19th

The link is on the front page of my website. Click the button "Updated: Winter Ball Flyer".

Coming Up...

  • Tuesday, Feb. 2- Mandatory Packing Meeting for Charleston Trip from 6-6:30 PM for chaperones and 6:30-7 PM for all others to meet chaperones and discuss the trip
  • Wednesday-Thursday, Feb. 10-11- Field Trip Charleston, SC
  • Friday, Feb. 26- $25 for School Handprint Tile for Parkside Family Wall due (extra forms in office)

Charleston Field Trip-February 10-11, 2016

The trip is underway!

**The online payment feature is up and running.** The total cost of the trip is $275.00


*A new payment option is open if you are paying a different amount, as per your discussion with your child's teacher, or if you are sponsoring another student.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, Feb. 1- Final payment due ($100)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 2- Mandatory Packing Meeting (meet the chaperones)
  • 5:45 am on Feb. 10- begin boarding charter buses from Parkside parking lot :0)

Math- Dividing Fractions

We finished multiplying fractions and will pick up dividing fractions on Monday. The focus will be on using an area model to divide. We will begin our unit on decimals when we complete multiplying & dividing fractions.

Please start/continue practicing multiplication facts at home. These should have been mastered long ago. Fractions are the bulk of the 5th Grade Math EOG and knowing their multiplication facts makes this easier.

Science- Weather

This week we discussed the different types of air masses and what weather conditions they create. Have your child explain to you what happens before, during and after a cold front or a warm front enters an area.

Just a few reminders:

  • The study guide for the Weather Vocabulary test is due on Monday, Feb. 1st.
  • Weather Vocabulary test on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd.
  • All Weather Projects are due Friday, Feb. 5th.
  • Extra copies of the study guide and projects can be found on their Google Classroom under their blocks.

The Weather Unit has many terms the students need to understand. To practice vocabulary words, I would suggest creating vocabulary flash cards with the word on the front and the definition with examples on the back to promote further understanding.

English Language Arts (Reading)

This week we continued to practice using context clues and finding two main ideas for a selection. Some time was also spent on our long-term research projects. We also read a non-fiction article about whaling and answered some questions about it. Ask your child about whaling and the debate going on about it.

Please make sure your child is still reading a fiction book for enjoyment and jotting nightly. This book should come back and forth from school to home daily. Remind them to log their reading on Biblionasium daily.

And Again...Compass Learning

*Ask your child to explain their Student Data RIT Band Form.*

*They can tell you if they are on grade level or not.*

-website www.thelearningodyssey.com (username & password in agenda)

-there's an App, Puffin Academy

-individualized per MAP Scores

-60 minutes per week (~3-5 activities)

-during class

-homework if not complete

-80% is considered mastery

-grade will be given for completion/effort shown

*Any extra you do at home will greatly help your child, there is a

correlation between this program and the EOGs.