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News for week of August 27, 2012

Math Practice

Every week you need to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE your math facts! Below you will find a great site to practice your facts!

Don't forget to send me a screen shot of your results!

Reading Practice

Not a fan of reading a book, that's ok. I would like to see each and every one of you take the time every week to find something to read. You may read the newspaper, a magazine, your favorite book, or even a comic strip. When you read something exciting send me an email and tell me all about it! Can't wait to hear about all the interesting things you will be reading!
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Ice-Cream Social

Not a fan of ice-cream? That's OK! This is a great chance for you to meet some of the teachers from TRECA in your local area! We will all be attending the regional office closest to us! Don't forget to RSVP by calling your Regional Office!

Ms. Zumberger's Contact Information

I know everyone is off to the start of their school year. If you run into technical issues contact the HELP desk. If you are having difficulty in your courses please feel free to contact me! Email is always the best way for students to contact me!