Good Noodles

Sophie Martell

Hulk Hogan

As some of you may know Hulk Hogan lives in Clearwater beach and is a normal resident. He likes to go to many small shops and hangs around the beach. It was a hot morning in Clearwater beach when Sophie, Adriana and their dad Corey decided to go to a small coffee shop.

They walked in with the smell of coffee in their noses and the air conditioning on their skin. The two girls didn't notice right away but, Hulk Hogans daughter Brook was sitting down with another person in a fancy suit, but Corey did. As soon as they walked out he told them he saw her but did not want to bother her because she looked busy. Sophie and Adriana understood and continued their day enjoying the sun.

Mexican Cowboy

In the month of May, Bay view middle school had hired a Mexican cowboy to dance in front of the school. All the kids were excited because they heard he is going to dance instead of stand their looking like a cowboy. When the kids got their the stage was empty besides the background was filled with western things.

Everyone got situated and the cowboy came out and was galloping and swinging his rope. He was wearing a white suit and a big sombrero. The kids including teach all laughed. At the end the Mexican cowboy took off his hat and showed it to the audience.

The very next day everyone was giving him compliments on how brave he was for getting up in front of the school and start to dance.


March 20, 2015 in Quantico Virginia the FBI were having trouble with the budget system. They have to many people working with expensive technology and weapons. They had to let it go because the weapons and technology they were using/want was getting to expensive. It was hard but they had to let some people go in order to make the budget cost.

They cut down on only one FBI team to travel instead of three. They minimized their weapons use for some of the agents that used to travel, and now have desk duty. Everyone is being flexible working around with what they have.