8th Grade American History

With Ms. Fortin

Civil War and Reconstruction

Day 1: The North

The north was bustling with industry. Craftsmen were being overtaken by unskilled labor jobs. Steamboats and railroads helped to transport goods in the North.

What you need to do for homework today is to bring me your permission slip for the field trip on Friday (if you have not done so) and decided if you want to be a northern or southern journalist for the newspaper assignment.

Remember about the Civil War Reenactment Field Trip Friday

Day 2 :The South

The economy in the south depended greatly on slave labor. Cotton was the main cash crop at the time. Very wealthy southern planters (like you see in the movies) were very rare during this time period. There were Yeoman farmers who owned small bits of land (about 100 acres). The yeoman's wife and children would farm alongside their husband/father. Whenever there was a slave uprising stricter laws would be put in place in order to control slaves.

Homework for today was: complete the Everyday in the life during the Civil War Venn diagram if you didn't complete it during class.

Look what we get to watch during this unit!

Lincoln Trailer 2012 Steven Spielberg - Daniel Day Lewis Movie - Official [HD]

Day 3: Slavery

The Middle Passage was a huge exporter of slaves for along time. Many slaves worked in the fields (cotton fields) working from 3 a.m. until 11 p.m. Slaves who worked inside the plantation home (butler, nurse, etc.) were given better food, shelter, and clothing than the slaves who worked in the fields. Slaves were sometimes given a small bit of land to maintain a community garden that they tended after working in the fields all day.

Slaves had their own culture while living on the plantation. The slaves would tell the young children "folktales" which were stories intended to help the young survive slavery. There was usually a smart animal who would outwit a stronger animal. Slaves also were religious and would even hold worship without the masters knowing about it.

Homework for today was to: Read pages 424-429 in your textbook and complete the worksheet over section 3 (says section 3 quiz, but it is not going to be considered a quiz). Show your parents the letter you wrote at the end of class, have them sign the on the line on the bottom of the paper, and bring it back to class tomorrow.

Day 4: The Movement to End Slavery

There were many abolitionists movements who pushed to end slavery. The members of these groups did not always were eye-to-eye. Some wanted African Americans t have equality, while others wanted to ship the "former" slaves off to Africa.

This time was another push to for start of the Civil War.

Homework today: Work on your Newspaper Assignment!

Day 5: Field Trip Today

We went to Mason City for the annual Civil War Reenactment. The students had a great time and we had a great class discussion on the way back home. The students were very well behaved and I believe they will incorporate portions of today's experience into their newspaper assignment.

Homework today is: Write up a 1 page summary paper over your experience today. Remember you also have a rubric to see how I will be grading the papers.

I was very impressed with all of you today :)

Day 6: The Nation Divides

After the election of Abraham Lincoln the states that would become the Confederacy seceded from the Union. Abraham Lincoln tried to let the Southern states back into the Union peacefully, but they were to angry to listen.

We did a think-pair-share activity today in class, so that is were you can review todays content if you need to.

Homework: Finish reading todays sections in the book Letters from a Slave Girl: The Story of Harriet Jacobs. Write down information you feel is important and well will discuss the rest of the section at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Day 7: Civil War Day 1

We started talking about the Civil War and some of the battles that took place. The north had many more advantages than the south did. We learned that more soldiers died from sickness (infections) than in battle. We will continue the discussion tomorrow.

Homework: Work on your newspaper assignment, practice your role for the reader's theater that will be videotaped on Thursday. Read the rest of the section in the Harriet Jacobs book and write down key points.

Day 8: Civil War Day 2

Today the students completed a WebQuest over life during the Civil War. My hope is that you can use information you gained through today's activity by incorporating it into your newspaper assignment.

Homework: Work on your newspaper assignments, finish the WebQuest if you were not able to in class, and practice your role for the reader's theater (it will be taped tomorrow.)

Day 9: Reconstruction

Today I gave a brief lecture on Reconstruction. The main focus was on how devasted the South was at the end of the war economically. Then we read in a section out of everyday life: Civil War about reconstruction. We completed the Harriet Jacobs book as well as a review game for the unit test tomorrow.

Homework: Study for the test!!!

Finish the Newspaper assignment!!!

Day 10: Test Day

We took a unit test over the Civil War today.