The Attack on Pearl Harbor

By Zachary Lavalley

Death Toll and Injuries

The death toll was 2,300 military personal including the 1,177 that are forever entombed in the Arizona. Their was another 1,100 were injured. The picture down below is the wall with the 1'177 names of the people that died their.
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During the attack

On December 7 1941 Japanese bomber planes, fight planes and torpedo planes attacked pearl harbor. The first wave of planes consisted of 183 planes and attacked at 7:50 AM. They had taken off from and air craft carrier about 200 miles of the shore of pearl harbor. Since it was early morning on the weekend most of the 780 aircraft guns were unmanned. The Japaneses goal was to destroy the Battle ships and aircraft on and around battle ship row. The radar on pearl harbor picked up the incoming aircraft but they were ignored because they thought the aircraft were U.S. B-17. A second wave attacked about an hour after the first and consisted of 168 aircraft to provide maximum damage. The attack on pearl harbor resulted in the U.S. official involvement in world war 2 on December 8 1941 just a day after the attack.
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After the attack

Even though the Japanese destroyed most of the battleships in pearl harbor their was no reported carriers at the naval base and they didn't destroy the oil tanks and naval dock yards at. This fact played a crucial part in the war. Which became largely known as the war of carriers. Today the harbor is a tourist sight serving as a remembrance to that day. The picture below is the bridge that was built to cross over the hull of the Sunken U.S. Arizona. its complete with the 1,177 names of the people that died on the ship and 58 people that died on the ship the Utah. It also has artifacts from the ship. All of Pearl Harbor became a national historic landmark in 1965.
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