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すいようび (suiyoubi-Wednesday)- Mar 29, 2017

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This week in the culture discussion, you are talking about music in Japan!


So, I'd like to share an interesting artist with you:

His stage name is JERO, and he's not even from Japan, but he's from Pittsburg!

JERO is of Japanese and African-American descent, and began singing Enka at the age of 6 after listening to his Japanese grandmother's cassette tapes.

JERO studied Japanese at Kansai Gaidai University and earned a degree in information technology from the University of Pittsburgh and never really considered a career as an Enka singer.

What is Enka?

What is Enka?

えんか (Enka) is modern Japanese music that is modeled to sound like traditional Japanese music. You'll hear a lot of Enka being sung at Karaoke parlors, as well as echoing outside of hostess bars throughout the country.

Enka, in its attempt to stylistically mimic traditional music, employs the sounds of traditional instruments like shamisen (sounds similar to a banjo), taiko (drums), and flutes.
Enka is a pretty big deal in Japan, and there are tons of famous Enka singers.

Nowadays, Enka is pretty popular with the over 60 years old crowd, but JERO and other younger artists like him have popularized the genre for younger people.

Due to NCVPS policy that we can not link youtube videos, when you are able to look up "Jero" enka music, please do so. You will be amazed! ^o^

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L8 Speaking Assignment Info:

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