Nassau Notebook

Recording Outstanding Education

Volume IV, No. 9

Nassau County School District continues to have positive events occurring on our campuses. Take a look at some of the things that have happened recently.

Building Mighty Warriors 👨🏽‍🏫

Every month, Callahan Intermediate School hosts an in-house professional development called Building Mighty Warriors. For the month of January, leaders from the third-grade team hosted the training. Mrs. Palmer led a small group math teacher table focusing on student engagement. Ms. Trujillo led a small group math teacher table focusing on manipulatives and questioning. Ms. Dowling led a peer-to-peer reading station focusing on questioning. All three stations focused on the school-wide themes of student engagement, active engagement, and rigorous questioning.

Building Connections Through Lunch 🎵

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🤘🏽 Real Life Puns

The Callahan Middle School's Science team came together to support literacy week by becoming a pun. They were the heavy metals!


Learning Compounds

Mrs. Crowder's 1st-grade class at Yulee Primary School had Compound Word Day. The students wore clothing that was compound words (necktie, necklace, headband, baseball shirt, etc.). They also enjoyed compound word snacks of popcorn, goldfish crackers, and watermelon. They had a fantastic day!

A Stringy Celebration

Mrs. Hobbs' 2nd-grade class, Hilliard Elementary School, celebrated their awesome growth on mid-year testing by spraying their teacher with silly string.

Pirates Learn & Support the Community

The Little Pirates completed a project that supported our community while learning by bringing in nonperishable items to support our local foodbank, Barnabas. Students from Ms. Bohler and Ms. Drawdy's 3rd-grade classes helped count the items and create a pictograph to represent the data. Ms. Mullis and Ms. Ghaffarian's 4th-grade students help load the Barnabas truck, and all our fifth-grade math students solved two-step word problems using multiplication and division. Ms. Whicker, Ms. Mikelson, and Ms, Smith's 5th-grade students responded to a quote, by writing how they could be the change. The Little Pirates of Emma Love Hardee Elementary have been learning and helping through Project-Based Learning!

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🏆 Reading Rewards

Once a week at Wildlight Elementary School, the students are eligible to win prizes for meeting their goals in AR, i-Ready, and Lexia. Classes are randomly selected on the morning news and the administrators visit the classroom to randomly select a student that has demonstrated proficiency in all three goals.

Pictured winners are:

  • Mrs. Barker & Kenton Firnstahl
  • Mrs. Jones & Lucas Tyre
  • Mrs. Gonzales & Michael Reed

Celebrating Growth

Mr. Cubbal and Mrs. Grubbs helped students at Yulee Elementary School celebrate their tremendous academic growth from their middle of the year diagnostic. Way to keep learning!

🥯 Bagels & Books 📚

At Fernandina Beach Middle School, Mrs. Lesoine's 6th-grade reading classes concluded Literacy Week with a "Bagels and Books" classroom celebration. Mrs. Lesoine brought in the bagels and cream cheese, and the students brought in their favorite book. Each student shared the book title and reason it was their favorite. The students connected through sharing wonderful memories of parents & relatives reading to them, of them reading to their siblings and pets, of books that interested in reading, and many more. It was a fun way to celebrate reading!

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Carle & Willems Invade Li'l Pirates

Southside Elementary observed Literacy Week doing an author student on Eric Carle. Not only did they become artists like Eric Carle, but they also got to tie in some math skills by rolling dice to add two amounts of crickets our chameleon could eat in the game called, Chameleon Cricket Catch. First Grade did an author study about Mo Willems. Students created paper mache characters and completed a timeline for Mr. Willems and his life events.Everyone loved their author study!


FBLA Competitions

Please see below or download the Press Release for Career Education regarding the Future Business Leaders of America District Competition.
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More "Snow Much Fun"

During the month of January, Callahan Intermediate School has taken Learning in a Winter Wonderland to the next level. Each Thursday through the month of January, CIS is deepening their learning with everything winter-based & there is SNOW much fun happening around campus.
CIS - Last week of SNOW Much Fun!
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