Record Video on a Chromebook

(or computer) & Save it to Google Drive!

Use ClipChamp!

ClipChamp creates a nice quality video, and it is simple to use.

Use the links below to install it on a computer and to find it on the Google Play for EDU store, where you can push the app to your students if you have that option in your school.

I've included a short video I created to show how to use ClipChamp. I cut out a little of the "processing..." from the video, so know that although it processed in seconds on my tutorial, it might really take a couple minutes to finish when students use it.

One more thing...the camera and microphone will have to be authorized when it's first used!

ClipChamp in the Chrome Web Store (to get for a computer)

‚ÄčClipChamp on the Google Play for EDU store (to push it to students if your district has this option)

Chromebook ClipChamp to Create Video on a Chromebook