Technology Terms

Word Wall

#1. Make a Word Wall

Use padlet to create word wall- wall with all letters of the alphabet listed each in its own box.

(You will only do this for Tech Terms #1-after that use the same padlet/word wall)

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Once your word wall is complete you are ready to add the terms. You will add new terms over the course of the semester.-

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#2. Adding Terms

#1- Find the Tech Terms-( they will be listed in GClassroom )

#2- Define The Tech Terms- (only use the words given/do not make up your own )


Google search, use an online dictionary, etc. -To define each term.

Make sure it is technology related (example: Apple, Window)


**do NOT copy paste from sites**

Extra Help***

  • Terms Need to be listed under the appropriate letter.

EXAMPLE: copyright would go under the letter "C"

  • Make sure the word is listed followed by the definition
  • can use the same box for multiple words under the same letter- or use different boxes for each word/definition.
  • some letters will be used now-some will never be used
  • all the letters of the alphabet must be there
  • padlet wall must STAY in alphabetical order at all times
  • we will use the same wall each time we have this assignment.
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Technology Terms for the Semester

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