Adobe Photoshop CS6

Half Skull Half Human Project

The Basics

The Half Skull Half Human project is pretty easy. There is a lot of steps in the process. I found it easier to watch a youtube video and work along with it. The video that I used was

I chose this project because I thought it sounded cool and Iwanted some way to distort a persons face. I partically chose the half skull half human becasue it seemed creepy and weird. It was also one of the easier one to do in ten days.

This topic was important to me because I didn't know that much in photoshop and this helped me to learn. It helped me teach myself on how things work in photoshop, and it got easier and easier the closer I got to being finished.

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Picture of a Persons Face

To start off you need a picture of someones face. This face will be the face that you are going to distort. It will end up having a half human half skull structure. There is a lot of steps to it. I reccomend watching a Youtube tutorial video on how to do it. That is what I did.
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A Picture of a Skull

The Skull is the main picture you need, because it is how you make the skull part of the face. It is the photo that you have to work on the most. You have to change the effects and you have to hide and fade the photo. You have to delete the background spaces with the magic wand so that there is no white spaces.
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The Final Product

The final product is a good feeling because even though it isn't professional and all that, it still looks really good. It takes a lot of steps to get to the final product, but it is definitely worth it
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To Make It Better

To make it better I would probably work more on the detail and coloring of the skulk/human. It also needs some touch ups on the blending. Even though it is not the best I could have done I am still happy with it because it was my first try.