Myra McEntire

My Future career

I would like to be a social worker in the cities, not too far, and not too close to home. The annual salary would be around $48,000.I would have the opportunity to travel for my job, anywhere they need me I will go. I would like to get married either after or during the last year of college. I would love to have 2 kids, a boy and a girl at some time in my future! I don't want to live in a house really fancy, but something nice and perfect for my family! I will be retired after 50 years but still helping others when they need it !


  • Lucy Collins: major
  • Jack: major
  • Liam: major

Setting ( time and place)

My story takes place in the Twin Cities in the present time ( 2013)


Lucy has lived a horrific childhood so she wanted to change other kid's lives by becoming a social worker. Lucy has a special gift to time travel anywhere from the past! All she has to do is think about where she wants to go , and a bridge appears , she goes to the past , it disappear and then reappears when she wants to go home! There is a boy named Jack who also lives a tough life like she did, Lucy wants to save this boy by time traveling back to the past. She wants to fix his childhood so he can live happily for the rest of his life.

Rising Action

Lucy doesn't think social working is helping enough people like she wanted to. She has an internal battle with herself debating to travel to the past or not , if she helps him time traveling is risky but if she doesn't help him , she will feel bad for the rest of her life. Lucy dedicates her life to saving others, so she makes the decision to help Jack! Well that doesn't work out as well as she wanted it to; Jack was never a good guy , he was a drug lord who wanted to kill people. Jack tries killing Lucy in the past, she makes it back to present time with just a few bruises but she lost her gift due to the injury :(


Lucy researches Jack and after many hours looking of information she found something huge !!! Jack is her long lost twin!!!!!!

Falling Action

Lucy joins the police to take Jack down once and for all. Lucy meets Liam, the head sheriff , and immediately they fall in love , it was like true love at first sight!! Liam and Lucy worked together to help Jack become a better person, she doesn't know what to do with him since now he is related to her ! Jack has a special gift too , he can erase memories but Lucy and Liam do not know that ! Liam and Lucy find Jack again and it get's ugly, the boys have a gun fight . Jack ends up hurting Liam , but Liam ends comes back and shoots Jack. Jack is gone and Liam is in the hospital.


With her social work skills Lucy helped regain Liam's health and they live happily ever after knowing that no one can ever hurt them again! Lucy and Liam are unstoppable!


For 18 year old Lucy Collins her social work career became much more than someone who helps children , she became a time traveling hero that saves kids from their past. She doesn't think her job is helping enough people; she has an internal battle with herself debating either to continue as a social worker or time travel! Lucy dedicates her whole life to saving others! Jack an 18 year old is a bad guy who becomes a drug lord, so he wants to kill everyone! Lucy tries saving Jack from becoming a bad guy; she lost her gift due to injury from Jack. As she time travels new twists are happening throughout the book, everything chapter will be jaw dropping! Lucy joins the police to take Jack down and ends up falling in love with the cop! Together they will help him become a better person. Will they save this child?? Drama, violence, romance , this book is a must read!!

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