Mrs. King's 2nd Grade Class

January 15, 2016

Do you want to build a snowman?

We had so much fun building our snowman this week. We made predictions as to what our snowman will look like each day. Our snowman will go from a solid, then to a liquid, and then sadly a gas. We are excited to see this process happen and learn about matter in the meantime!
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Matter Experiment with Diet Coke and Mentos!!!

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This week we explored what the reaction would be if you added 2 Mentos candies to a bottle of Diet Coke. Check out the reaction above!!! Some questions that came up from this experiment were: Would we get the same reaction with other sodas? We used the fruity Mentos...what would happen if we used the minty Mentos instead? Did the temperature of the soda have anything to do with the reaction? We'll continue to dig in deeper to reactions, mixtures and solutions this week!

Fun with Oobleck!

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Early this week, students learned about Oobleck! Oobleck has properties of both a liquid and a solid. When a force is applied to the Oobleck it hardens up like a solid, but when it is left alone it will take the shape of its container, just like a liquid!

A week with Steve and Mocha!

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Steve and Mocha will be spending this coming week in our classroom! Students will be in charge of feeding and watering them daily. We will also watch what foods they like to eat, and hopefully participate in a taste test to see what types of food they enjoy eating the most! Stay tuned to hear what we learn!

Family S.T.E.A.M night!

Get excited and mark your calendars for our first TCE FAMILY S.T.E.A.M. NIGHT on Friday, February 5th from 5:30-7:30pm. STEAM is an educational term to describe real world opportunities for students to learn with science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. At the TCE FAMILY STEAM NIGHT, TCE students and their family members of all ages are welcome to come and participate in a variety of unique, educational STEAM experiences. Participants will travel as a family (children with their adults) to share in the learning process! Pizza will be available in the cafeteria for families to purchase. More details will be forthcoming! We hope you plan to be there!

Root Beer Float

Permission forms for our root beer float experiment were sent home this week. Please return the permission form by next Tuesday, January 19th! Thank you!

A message from Miss Meyer in the Art room

The artists in first and second grade are working hard on their student choice animal paper mache projects. We are running low on the following items. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Newspapers, masking tape rolls used, any small plastic container ex: butter bowl, sour cream etc.

Thank you for your help and supporting the arts!


Next week will be week 1 of our homework.

Math homework for Wednesday evening will be workbook page 9-2!

Mark your Calendar!

  • January 18: NO SCHOOL- MLK Jr. Day
  • February 5: Family S.T.E.A.M night
  • February 15: NO SCHOOL- President's Day
  • February 16: Flex Day (no school unless we have a snow day prior to this date)

Specials After Break!

Monday 1/1- No School

Tuesday 1/12- Day 4: P.E.

Wednesday 1/13- Day 5: Music

Thursday 1/14- Day 6: Art

Friday 1/15- Day 1: P.E.

Class Library Checkout!

Our next class library checkout day will be Friday, January 22nd, but remember your child may bring his/her books back at anytime. We will find a time for him/her to visit the library individually to get new books!

We are Learning...


We will continue our study of nonfiction texts. We will be learning how to gather information from informational texts so that we can become experts on a topic. We will focus on various nonfiction features and study them in more detail.


We will continue working on subtraction to 100 with and without regrouping. Please reinforce this skill at home as well. This can be a tricky topic for some students.


We will continue our unit on nonfiction writing texts. Students will understand the structure of explanatory and informational texts. They will learn how to write so that they can teach others.


We will continue our study of matter. Students will be studying the properties of solids, liquids, and gases.

Word Study:

Word study in 2nd grade includes spelling, phonics, and vocabulary development. We will be focusing on 13 new vocabulary words. Those words are: matter, solid, liquid , gas, property , mixture , solution , reaction, evaporation, matter, mass, condensation, and dissolve.