CHILD LABOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

should children have to work in factorys ?

During the Industrial revolution children were forced to work because their family's didn't have enough money to care for them. children started working as little as six with no pay or little pay. The children worked 12-14 hours a day with one break and sometimes they even worked 19 hours with a one hour break. The younger children go with the adults to be textiles assistance. In the factory's children were treated unusual. They were abused and murdered. The children safety was neglected. If the children did not do a task right then they were beaten and we treated in other harsh ways. A lot of people hardly disagreed with child. labor. My opinion on child labor is that factory owners should not work children. Indecent children should not be worked to death because their family can't earn enough money and just because owners say. If it was up to me I would just let children live their life.What do you think?

Child Labor in the Industrial Revolution