Hitler Youth (Chapter 6)

By: Brooklyn


National Socialist Rally

  • Many people came including much of the Hitler youth.
  • Hitler spoke and the there was a parade with gymnastic and athletic performances along with the Nazi and Hitler youth marches.
  • Although after this war basically corrupted so this rally was the last one of peacetime

The Polish Invasion

  • Used propaganda to make Germans believe Poles were mistreating other Germans that lived there
  • Hitler had an ally which was the Soviet Union and they worked together using lightning war style to take Poland
  • After they defeated the poles the Hitler Youth helped house Germans by putting them into the poles houses
  • The poles were either executed or sent to labor camps
  • This invasion was basically the start of the Holocaust

Hitler Youth

  • In order to prepare for war the Hitler youth took over may jobs around town
  • Boys were postmen and gave people draft notices and ration cards
  • Other jobs for the Hitler youth were as follows: clerical work, and going door-to-door collecting items like brass and copper to recycle

Radio Censorship

  • Germans were not allowed to listen to any foreign radio
  • They would have 3 years in prison if they were caught
  • Sentenced to death if they told anything to anybody
  • If you made a comment bashing the rule you were arrested
  • Sadly, children turned in their parents

European Invasion

  • Germany invaded Norway, Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France in 1940
  • The bombed Britain and shockingly Britain bombed berlin back
  • After a while of pointless fighting with Britain, Germany invaded its former ally (Soviet Union)
  • Although they were not ready for the Russian winter and stopped attacking when winter came

U.S enters the War

  • Germany's ally, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii
  • Made us join WWII
  • As soon as we entered Britain and the U.S.A bombed German Cities ( Teamed up)

Air Raids

  • Countries frequently air-raided Germany
  • Hitler youth tended and took care a children during these times
  • Also they took turns pumping fresh air into the safety bunkers
  • You were told not to make a sound during the air-raids and it was also Hitler yOuth's job to make sure people obeyed that rule
  • Also they would help people who lost their homes
  • Put out many of the fires
  • Stacked all the dead remains and bodies that were left

Hitler Youth

  • Older boys had to protect from air-raid
  • the were to man aircraft batteries to do so
  • Young boys would work all day every day digging ditches meant to sop enemy tanks from crossing
  • They took no breaks all day digging the ditches that were a few miles long each


Propaganda-information of a biased and misleading nature used to promote a particular political cause or point of view

Censor-to examine officially and suppress unacceptable parts of it

Ghettos-The jewish quarter of a city

Ally-A county or state cooperating with each other for military benefit or another reason; usually by treaty

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