Mrs. Lahr's Classroom News

October 15, 2016

Great Green Run and Roll

The Great Green Run and Roll was a huge success! We just learned today, after all funds were counted, that the class who earned the most GGRR donations was Mrs. Goetzinger's 2nd grade class. Congratulations to Mrs. Goetzinger's class!

Our own class also worked very hard to bring in many donations. We can't thank you enough for all of your fundraising efforts. Without our PTO fundraising events and the participation of kids and parents, we wouldn't be able to go on field trips or enjoy special events. Thank you to everyone for doing your part during these fundraising events!

Ferguson's Orchard

We had an absolute blast at Ferguson's Orchard. THANK YOU so very much to those AWESOME MOMS, Bonnie Martin, Christine Liethen, Kelsey Draisey, Michele Meyer, and Beth Theede for volunteering to come along and help us out!! The kids loved every bit of it from pedal go-carts, the hayride into the orchard, climbing the haystack mountain, and the Slightly Haunted House to name just a few. Mr. Ferguson educated us on how apple trees grow and what apple trees need to live. We also learned about animals that are harmful to the trees. What a great day!
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Hallway Artwork

With the help of Mrs. Baudek, the children are learning that literature and art go hand-in-hand! Mrs. Baudek used the storybook, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, to teach the kids how to "make their mark." They also made a beautiful collage of "The Many Faces of La Crescent-Hokah Elementary."
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Aiden Kohner Character Award Winner

Aiden was our September Character Award Winner of the month. Throughout the month of September, Aiden displayed many of the desirable Lancer character traits such as being respectful, responsible, and safe. Congratulations Aiden!
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Fun Friday

Some of our Fun Friday activities today included a walking field trip to Bauer's Market. We picked out our favorite pumpkin and carved it in the classroom while enjoying some yummy Honey Crisp cider and decorating our classroom with some fun Halloween and fall decor.
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We started a new math unit to explore 2D geometry. The students are learning how to compose and decompose shapes, identify shapes, and categorize shapes by number of sides and vertices. Next week we will begin to make shape quilts!

Special Note

I hope you enjoy reading about all of our fun classroom learning activities. I know how exciting it is for kids to see themselves in photos in our newsletter. For that reason, I am asking that if your child has been regularly left out of newsletter photos, please let me know via email. With 22 kids, it is hard for me to keep track of the kids who have been included regularly and those who have not, and I don't want to leave anyone out.