Learning about FRACTIONS one step at a time

What are fractions and why are they important

Fractions are a type of math but they can be really complicated. Many people use fractions all the time for many different reasons. I know that once you learn about fractions you can use them for thousands of reasons. Fractions look like two skinny small numbers one above the other with a small line between each of them.

How to use fractions

Has crazy has it sounds their are many ways to use fractions. You can : subtract/add them, multiply/divide them, match them, and you can do a lot more. Dividing fractions is the hardest to most people. But for me it was multiplying. HECK adding was hard enough for most of my family. People love just comparing Fractions in general.
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A little bit more about fractions before I rap up

Fractions are pretty fun once you learn about them and they will be use full. Always remember that fractions are fun and important believe me YOU BETTER. Oh and don't forget that it took me a long time to master fractions. Fractions are like a pole of math take away that pole and you got nothing

I hope you learned some thing

People some times people just say they learned something but they really didn't learn any thing. I hope learned something and you enjoyed at least a little bit. And trust me I am pretty cool if not your weird.