St. Vincent de Paul

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St Vincent de Paul was born on April 24, 1581, in the city of Pouy in Gascony, France. As a young child, Vincent’s father influenced his saintly beginning. He sent him to the Franciscan School de Dax, a religious school. He was happy with his studies, and wanted to leave his farm home. Vincent had three brothers and two sisters, so right off the bat he learned how to share and be kind to others. At the age of twenty four, he was ordained priest by the bishop of Perigueux. He was captured at sea by pirates and sold as a slave in Africa close after he was ordained. He was a generous and pious person his whole life. he studied often and always respected his teachers and elders. Everything he did in his life, led up to his holiness. He also received several scholarly degrees.

St Vincent De Paul is the patron saint of charitable societies. During his life he founded missions that were devoted to helping poor people. St Vincent De Paul started out with preaching to the towns that he went to. In 1639 Vincent sent money and some aid and organize relief to refugees and victims of war. He also founded the Congregation of the Mission which educated and trained new pastoral clergy. He also founded Daughters of Charity, a religious group of women devoted to charitable works. St Vincent De Paul was important to the world because without him there may have been fewer charities, groups such as Red Cross, or even the missions that he had built. St Vincent De Paul became a saint because he was so religious and also for all the charitable things he did for the poor.

St. Vincent de Paul was a very charitable person. Charity was his biggest virtue. He rubbed his charitable ways off on everyone. This is how is existence was beneficial. We celebrate his feast day on September 27th.The most important and impressive thing he did was he laid the foundations for the Congregation of the Mission. St. Vincent’s friend struggled with his faith. St. Vincent made a bargain with God. He asked God to give his friend peace. The price is St. Vincent would have to experience the same faltering faith. Paul’s friend’s faith was restored. St. Vincent then started doubting God and himself. Overall St. Vincent did a lot of charitable things in his life. He was always doing things for other people. He made an impact on a large number of people including the ones in the Congregation of the Mission.

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