Full Swing Into Fall

When Your Child Realizes Mr. F Wasn't Kidding About Work

Fall Parent Conference Schedule

While I have spoken with many of you already in formal and informal settings, I would like to take this time to invite you to come to the classroom and go over your child's progress for the year. I like to invite the children to come to the conference as well for the second half of our time together so they can talk about how they feel in class and were we can all discuss their progress.

By clicking on this link: Conferences, you will go to the sign-up where you can get into the schedule. If none of those dates and times work for you, please send me an email and we will see if we can schedule a time that works for everyone.

No Test for Ecosystem Unit?!

The cheer you may have heard at work today was followed by a collective groan when the students learned that there is not ecosystem unit test, rather a project and written report. The students have to show you this information tonight as part of their homework. We will be working on this for the next two weeks in science and language arts. The report and project are both due on Friday, October 23rd.

Picture Day on Wednesday

I will do my best to keep them clean before picture time. If you have money to send and have not already done so, please do it the day before the event if possible.

The Final Piece of the Work Puzzle

Today we launched our Time for Kids or TFK work. Each week, your child will get a TFK magazine and the idea of learning some current events, but more importantly working on their reading nonfiction skills. By the time they are done with the magazine, they will have read the cover story at least 7 times. There is nightly homework, with a quiz on Friday where the children can use the magazine. Look for the magazine in your child's binder.