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Wednesday, April 6th, Day 4

Attention Staff

Both Health offices are in need of gently used sweatpants/wind pants/leggings for boys and girls. Thanks


4/5-4/7-Grades 3-5 NYS Testing-ELA

4/13-4/15-Grades 3-5 NYS Testing-Math

4/8-8:00 am Grade Level Leaders-room 463

4/14-8:00 am Grade Level Meetings (Grade Level Leaders room)


4/20-Fikes/Annesi/Thompson-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/21-Austin/Ieda/Lawrence-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/22-Belles/Tyler/Young-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/27-Carson/O'Reilly-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/28-Appleby/Clark-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

4/29-Daley-Cummings Nature Center-9am-2pm

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April Birthdays

4/2-Ellen Mahoney

4/3-Dee Culhane

4/6-Karrie Hart

4/7-Fran Siditsky

4/14-Lynn Coleates

4/20-Tina Beyea

4/24-Daina Marsh

4/24-David Fronczak

4/26-Jill Clingersmith

4/30-Julie Lawrence

Dream Big. Work Hard. Create. Play Fair. Make a Difference.



Brown, Mackenzie/ no sub

Buck, Debbie/ Rebecca Hudson

Consaul, Elizabeth/ am/ Danielle Greer

Dombrowski, Beth/pm/ no sub

Fitzgerald, Laurie/ Kristin Galens

Munn, Cele/ Christine Blawski

Rotz, Jennifer/ am/ Todd Kester

Wade, Amy/ .25 pm/ no sub

Walters, Tina/ .25 pm/ no sub

Wink, Leelannee/ .25 am/ no sub

Enrollment Changes

New Student:

4/4-Evan Hartwell-3rd Grade-Mrs. Belles

4/4-Molly Saxby-UPK-Mrs. Natale

4/4-Carmine Cafiero-4th Grade-Mr. Hawkins

4/5-Peyton Jones-K-Mrs. Trumbull

4/6-William Devlin-1st Grade-Miss Kuchman

Leaving the District:

3/24-Zachary Manko-4th Grade-Mr. Rice

Returning to the District:

3/21-Michael Davila-Mr. Angelo

4/4-Morgan Saxby-Mrs. Tyler

Moving Classrooms

4/4-Ben Zimmerman-Mrs. Green-2nd Grade

4/4-Paul Spruilli-Mrs. Smith-2nd Grade