HMFC AP's Update

Week of 9-19-16

HMFC Mission Statement

To promote a positive culture and climate maintaining great customer service for all of our stakeholders, employing collaboration and accountability in taking care of daily business and providing quality education preparing students for their sophomore year having earned all of their freshman credits and possessing a plan for their college or career pathway.

BIST Goals for Life

I can be okay even if I am mad

I can be okay if others are not

I can be productive even I don't want to or it's hard

Tips for Reducing Behaviors Issues in your classroom

  • Classroom expectations that are clear and reinforced daily
  • Clearly posted lesson objectives and daily agendas
  • Refresh and learn various de-escalation techniques BIST language.
  • Engaging lessons that required students to be actively engaged.
  • Clear expectations/procedures for your safe seat and buddy room.
  • Positive incentives for students that are meeting and exceeding your academic and behavior expectations.

HMFC Discipline Data and Trends

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Observations and Trends

  • Fewer days in August this year than last year. We had 9 days with students this year as opposed to 13 days with students in august of last year.
  • Event totals are down when you compare on a per day basis we had about 1 referral per day as opposed to about 3 referrals per day last august.
  • The OSS trend is high this year due to an early altercation. This is definitely an area of focus.
  • ISS for this August is lower than last year so this indicates that more students were in class for the first days of school.
  • The Tardy numbers have decreased compared to last August. When you compare them on a tardy per day basis we have about (8/ per day) this august as opposed to a (13/ per day) tardy for the last august with approximately the same number of students.

Behavior / Discipline Trends

Conflict Resolution

One trend we have noticed thus far is an inability of some of our students to resolve their conflicts with other students in a positive and productive manner. Please continue to be vigilant and try to be proactive in preventing the subsequent verbal and physical altercations. The data is somewhat skewed in that for every visible disturbance there are multiple instances in which students have been able to work with Ms. Ray and mediate their issues with other students in positive and productive manner. Therefore the solution is to be vigilant and continue to build trust with our students so they will feel comfortable coming to the adults to help them resolve their conflicts in a safe and productive manner.


Continue to be vigilant for instances of bullying or harassment. If you suspect this may be occurring try to gather as much information as possible and send the student to Ms. Ray so we can investigate and provide assistance as soon as possible.

HMFC BIST Tracking Form

Here is the link to the BIST google tracking form. This is the form we use to track BIST movements such as safe seat, buddy room, team conferences and protective plans. This will be the BIST data used at your SLC meetings.

Here is the Link.

Interesting article on effects of punishment and history of punishment in schools. Great segway for an ongoing discussion regarding discipline we should have in schools and solutions that are in the best interest of all.

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HMFC SOP Updates


  • Arrival has been going well. The only concerns have been in placing additional personal in the 120 hallway.


  • In observing the hallways during passing I am seeing teachers at their doors for the majority of each passing period.
  • Teachers are on duty in the stairwells make sure we are consistent with this as this could be a hot spot.
  • Hot Spot by the corner of 121 and 135 and science wing. Students tend to congregate in this area but we seemed to have the correct number of supervisors that are moving the students along. The hallway supervisors in this area have been doing a great job of keeping students moving.


  • I would like to give a shout out to our lunch supervisors they have done a tremendous job.
  • We are still working on improving the lunch experience for all students and staff.
  • We are noticing a trend and some inconsistency in teachers bringing students to lunch. Please make sure you are sticking to the schedule as this allows for the lunch supervisors to be prepared for your students.
  • Students returning from lunch has been a source of concern. Please make sure you are at your doors at the posted times to receive and supervise students as they return from lunch. The focus should be on walking quietly and calmly back to class. Unfortunately, our 2nd lunch shift on A days is still struggling and will need to continue to be escorted to and from lunch. Hopefully, we will see some change in behavior by the end of the week.


  • The dismissal SOP has been going well. Students are finding their buses and getting on them in just over 3 min. The only issues have been late buses or buses leaving too early which is getting better daily.

These are my informal observations but I would like to gather your input as well and share in the next newsletter.

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