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Fire Safety Week

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This month we will be comparing the past with the present. We will learn about the first Thanksgiving. We will read nonfiction stories about pilgrims and learn about what it was like to be a pilgrim and how they lived. We will write about what we have or can do now that the pilgrims did not have or could not do. We will also continue to discuss character. We will talk about adjectives that describe characters on the inside. Before Thanksgiving break, we will enjoy our own homemade "stone soup", corn bread, and we will learn how we can make our own butter (just like the pilgrims). For math we will work with number 6-10. We will create number pairs for each number such as (5 and 2 make 7; 3 and 3 make 6). We will also compare numbers 6-10 using words greater and less than.

Important Dates & Information

November 9- PTO & SAC Meeting in the Media Center 6pm

November 10- BES Movie Night

November 11- No School

November 30- Fall Festival

November 25-26- Thanksgiving Break

November 30- Progress Reports

If you are donating baked goods for the Fall Festival Cake Walk. Please drop those off at the front office before dismissal on November 20th. We really appreciate your help.


STEM Project due Monday November 30th.

Packet due Monday November 16th.

Flagler Pines Field Trip


o Energetic, friendly, and lovable kindergarten children seek reliable, kind, and caring people to listen to and help them as they practice reading.

  • No experience necessary.
  • Must be an approved Flagler County volunteer.
  • All materials provided.

Pay: Many thanks and a great opportunity to see progress in the children’s reading.

o Teacher seeking out parent help with ripping out class lessons from workbooks.

  • Work from home
  • Just need a stapler

o Seeking out parent to come in and help students with group projects.

  • Some computer experience may be required (video recording)
  • Must be an approved Flagler County volunteer.
  • All materials provided.

If you interested in any of these exciting opportunities please call or write a note to the very appreciative teacher.