April 26, 2019

We are in the final stretch!

As of Monday, there are only six weeks remaining in school! School ends on Thursday, June 6th. There are many things happening and lots of learning that needs to take place before that time. It is not time for students (or parents) to check out. Midterm reports will be sent home today and must be signed and return on Monday. Letters regarding summer school and/or possible retention will be sent home in the next two weeks. Please help your children finish the school year strong!

Important upcoming dates:

  • Friday, May 3rd - 8th Grade Gradventure Trip
  • Monday, May 6-Friday, May 10: Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week sponsored by the PTL
  • Friday, May 10th: Student Government Shed your Threads
  • Wednesday, May 22: Fine Arts Night 6:30PM (Magnificent display of student art, performances by band, sign language, praise group)
  • Friday, May 24th: Early Release
  • Monday, May 27: Memorial Day, No School or OOS
  • Saturday, June 1: 8th Grade Graduation 2PM
  • Wednesday, June 5th: End of year awards
  • Thursday, June 6th: Last day of School, Early Release
  • Thursday, June 6th: K5 Graduation 7PM
  • Monday, June 17: Summer Camp begins
  • Monday, June 24: Summer School begins

Still to be scheduled: Athletic Awards

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In addition, there is limited space in each grade.

You must have access to your Renweb account to re-enroll your child.

You will login to and log into your own Renweb account.

IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE ASK IN THE BUSINESS OFFICE! THEY ARE HAPPY TO HELP. There is a written packet of information available for pickup in the office if desired.

Limited space is available in each class. 3 of our grades is full and others are nearly full.

All re-enrollments are completed online.

Here is the link to Re-Enrollment information.We have heard that some parents had difficulty using the APP, yet some were able to without any issue. So, if the APP does not work for you it may have something to do with your particular phone or carrier. In that case, please use a desktop computer. It is easier on the computer regardless.


You can also pick up a printed copy of the registration information in the school office.

We encourage you to take advantage of our Referral program and recommend our school to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. For more information, please contact the business office. We are especially interested in referrals to our K5 and VPK classes this year.

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Midterm reports were sent home today, Grades 1 thru 8

These need to be signed and returned on Monday.

If you have questions about these grades, please contact the TEACHER. I cannot give you the same insight and information that a teacher can. However, before you contact the teacher, please log on to your RENWEB account and your questions will likely be answered.

Teachers cannot give students credit for work that they do not do. Zeros have a very negative affect on grades. It seems that some students do not take the enrichment classes as seriously as they should. I've even heard a middle school student say, "they can't retain me for failing_____". (You can fill in the blank with music, art, spanish, computer). This is a very negative way to think.

Why do we offer these enrichment classes? First and foremost, to help create well rounded students who have a knowledge of and appreciation for a myriad of topics. You never know what art, music or athletic talent could be discovered and cultivated. Students need to be able to navigate through the world of technology more now than ever before. It is a global world and all students need to at very least be able to successfully complete two years of a foreign language in high school. We are giving them a head start.

Bad habits and work ethic, if not corrected, will carry on long after students are done with middle school. When students go to high school, they need to earn credits in lots of elective and they must pass two years of a foreign language. If they formulate the idea that these classes don't matter, this will be a serious problem. On top of that, students need to develop such a work ethic that every responsibility that they have is given importance. This will carry over into their college and professional lives as well.

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Staff Appreciation Week May 6-10

Dear Parents,

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is coming up soon. It is a great time to let our hard-working teachers and staff know that you recognize all of their effort and skill.

Please take a look at the suggestions provided by the PTL.

Also and most important, we need at least 30 volunteers to watch classes from 11:30AM until 1:30PM on Friday, May 10th. There will be a link to a signup for you. PLEASE, if we do not get enough volunteers, the teachers and staff will not be able to enjoy this lunch together which they have only one time per year. They eat lunch with YOUR children every day, so let's give them this one adult lunch.


Summer Camp and Summer School

Summer Camp for all ages will begin on Monday, June 17th. Registration information will be available next week. We have programs for PK age students and also Elementary and middle school grades. Both summer camp programs are 6 weeks long.

Summer Academic program will begin on Monday, June 24th. This program is four weeks, four days per week.

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Background check authorization

Below is the link. You cannot chaperone or otherwise interact with our students unless you complete the background check. Recently we had a parent insist that they had filled out the form and turned it in to the school office and could not understand why it had not gone through. There is no form to complete in the school office. This is a very simple form that parents complete from the privacy of your home or office.

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May lunch menu included at the bottom of this newsletter

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