Alcohol Is Bad !!!

Facts On Why Alcohol Is BAD For You .


Alcohol affects many people everyday . It starts with one drink , then another , and another , and another till one day your in the hospital listening to your doctor tell you how it has affected your health . Alcohol is used by adults and teens but it needs to stop NOW ! It's a serious issue especially in the United States Of America . This is why it is BAD for you .

What It Can Do To You .

Alcohol can make you a little dizzy at first but the more you drink the more you crave and desire it . Alcohol can cause permanent brain and liver problems . Alcohol can shorten your life span . If your pregnant and drinking it can make your baby or babies have a mental disorder . Alcohol can make you say and do things you don't mean . Drinking alcohol has NO positive outcome .
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In Conclusion ...

In Conclusion You Should Never Drink Alcohol .. It Will Not Help Stress If Anything It Will Stress You Out WAY More .... Do NOT Drink ALCOHOL!!!
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  • "15% of young people between ages 12-20 reported binge drinking "
  • Twenty-eight million Americans are children of alcoholics .

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