Penguins in Turtleneck Sweaters

By: Sarah Morrison, Morgan Jones, and Chloe Massaro

There is a foundation in Australia that helps the penguins who are victims from oil spills. The penguins have the sweaters because when the oil gets them they get weak.The knitted turtleneck sweaters are to help the penguins keep warm.The penguins without their sweaters are exposed to cold weather.The penguins are only getting a little bit cold with the sweater.The sweaters have saved 96% of the 453 contaminated penguins.The penguins were infected by the oil spills that caused them to lose weight. Feathers matted with oil may cause the birds to not be able to swim. Many will sink and drown. The sweater helps them swim in different ways. The rescue people saved them so they don't die.The rescuers are the people who give the penguins sweaters. Do you want to see a penguin in a sweater? If the answer was yes, look at the pictures below!

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