Avid Final Exam

Michaela Amankwaah 1/11/16 7th Grade

Reflection:Cornell Notes

Cornell notes have helped me organize myself in class.When I take cornell notes I understand the topic that we are learning in class more. I understand it more when we write summaries, and when we write questions on the side.



The TRFs have really helped me to grow this semester. When we are doing TRFs I learn how to break down my problems to where i can solve them. I have seen major changes to my grade since i have been using TRFs.



Believe it or not, organization has also helped me with my grades. If you organize your binder then you are less likely to lose your papers and fail your classes. So I have not been failing my classes because I have been keeping my binder clean and turning in my papers.



Tutorials have helped me a lot. It helps to get different opinions from your peers on how you can do your work. I have been very happy knowing that every Tuesday and Thursday I come back to to people who will help me get better grades.


Reflection:Writing Skills

My writing has improved this year since we have been writing a lot. One piece of writing that we have touched on are memoirs. When writing a memoir it would be good to add dialogue and past memory, to make it more interesting.


Reflection: School Involvement

I have become more involved with school educationally this year. I have been studying more and I have been caring more about my grades.Personally I feel like my school invovlement has come to an all time high this year.



Next semester I will continue to keep my binder clean. I will also become even more involved in school by being a leader and being honest.Finally, I will work on my writing, and i will try to be an amazing writer.


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