HRVHS Eagle Update

September 13th, 2022

Hello HRVHS Eagle Families

Last week we welcomed all students onto our campus, and their positive energy helped make it a great start. We are so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to work with your students this year. Hood River Valley High School is a community dedicated to the idea that every student deserves educational excellence every day. Last week all students reviewed school wide expectations that exemplify key values at HRVHS that we call Eagle PRIDE:






This year we will focus our actions and decisions at HRVHS to align with and reinforce these values. We will seek to remind and and hold one another accountable for demonstrating our Eagle PRIDE on a daily basis. When we slip up we learn from our mistakes and improve. When we excel, we celebrate our accomplishments together.

We know that parents and guardians exert the single greatest influence on the behavior and beliefs of their children, more than teachers, friends, celebrities, or social media. As we begin this school year, we ask that you join us in encouraging your student to understand that they are a valued member of our community and share in the responsibility to demonstrate Eagle PRIDE.

Below, you will find some key information to engage in a dialogue with your students about the lessons they received last week. We are here to support your student in every way we can. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns or input as we build a great high school community together

Here's to a great school year Eagles!

~Columba Jones | Principal

~Jim Donnelly | Assistant Principal

~Nate Parson | Assistant Principal

Please Arrive to School and Classes on Time Each Day

We all live busy lives. Being on time to school and classes allows for excellent education to occur from the time the bell rings until students are released at the end of the day. We ask that students and families prioritize arriving at school in time to be in the classroom by 8:10 each morning and that students use their passing time to take care of business and make it to their next class before the bell. Being late happens to all of us from time to time. If being late becomes a consistent challenge, you can expect us to reach out to support your student and work to solve the problem.

Attend School Every Day, but Stay Home If You Are Ill

Regular school attendance is the number one predictor of on-time graduation and academic and social success in high school. We must be together as often as possible so that excellent learning opportunities can occur. Communicate with our attendance office at (541) 386-4500 if your student will miss school for any reason. If your student is sick, let us know and we will provide an opportunity to get caught up once they’re feeling better. We can keep one another safe by taking good care of ourselves, getting enough sleep, providing our bodies with quality nutrition, and staying home when we are ill.

Keep Cell Phones Silenced and Away During Class Time

Cell phones are amazing devices that continue to change our world in many positive ways, but sometimes students struggle to set appropriate boundaries with phone usage. When students miss out on their education because a phone is distracting them, learning can be interrupted and they can begin to feel isolated or out of step with what is occurring in the classroom. We ask that students follow teacher direction to put their phones away in backpacks or use the provided pocket charts in classrooms to keep the focus on learning. If you are concerned about reaching your student during the school day, you may call the school at any time at (541) 386-4500 and we will deliver a message to your student for you. We encourage families to explore options for limiting cell phone use during the school day and at times when students need to focus on school work at home. Both Android and Apple devices offer excellent parental controls that allow parents to limit cell phone usage at specific times.

Treat Others with Respect and Value Differences

We are all different. We expect that at times we will see things differently from one another. This is a normal part of life and learning and something we embrace here at HRVHS. However, there is a difference between holding an opinion strongly and expressing that opinion in a way that is hurtful to others or damaging to our community. We ask that students agree to disagree respectfully and engage in meaningful conversation about our differences. The use of profanity, racial slurs, or language that insults any group or individual is never appropriate. Bullying or hurtful behavior or language toward any member of our community is not okay whether it happens within or outside of school. Please reach out if your student reports harassment in any form.

Respect Our Community’s Property and Facilities

Schools belong to the communities we serve. Hallways, bathrooms, athletic facilities, parking lots and other spaces exist to make great learning opportunities possible. When these facilities are damaged or disrespected we all pay the price to repair them. Please talk with your student about responding to peer pressure (in person or online) that seeks to do damage to our facilities and school property, because all of us are affected.

Take Breaks from Instruction Sparingly

Leaving class to visit the restroom or for other approved reasons is important for our physical and emotional regulation. However, missing too much class can lead to learning challenges and safety concerns. Students must obtain a hall pass from their teacher prior to leaving class. When they do leave, students should take care of business and return to class as quickly as possible.

When Problems Occur

Mistakes and testing limits are normal and valuable parts of adolescent development. We do not expect any student to be perfect, just as we know that we as educators can make mistakes. We see mistakes at HRVHS as valuable teaching and learning opportunities.

We are also committed to keeping everyone safe and providing an orderly environment in which excellent learning can take place. Students and families can help us by knowing our behavior expectations and reporting problems when they occur.

Counseling Department Update

Class of 2025:Register for PSAT if they want to…

Class of 2024: Register for PSAT if they want to…

Class of 2023: School Counselors have gone into all Senior English classes to talk about the college admissions process. We will be meeting with Seniors who are not in English classes during the 4th period in the library. All seniors are making individual appointments with their school counselor to review graduation requirements, SchooLinks, Oregon CIS, Financial Aid, and Scholarships.

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Important Dates

9/19-Open House. Schedule

9/21- Senior College Night

9/22-Missed Picture day (this day will only be for students who did not get their ASB card picture taken.

2022-2023 Important Dates Calendar

School Health Nurse Questions

Do you have any medical needs/concerns? Scan QR code and fill out the form and you will receive follow up from Nurse Jennie.

Thank you! / ¿Tiene alguna necesidad/preocupación médica? Escanee el código QR y complete el formulario y recibirá un seguimiento de la enfermera Jennie.

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Booster Club Information

Next meeting: Tuesday, September 20, 6pm in the HRVHS commons area.

What do the Boosters do for students at HRVHS, Why do we do it, and How can you lend a hand!
More info here

Or Join / Donate here

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OSAS Annual Notice

Click the link below.