Cristiono Ronaldo's Life

By: Myles Craft

Introduction To Ronaldo

Ronaldo's real name is Cristiono Ronaldo Dos Santos Avario. Ronaldo was born with a brain tumor which made him very special.

Birth And Family

Ronaldo was born on Febuary 5th, 1985. Ronaldo has 14 family members including 3 kid's.

His family is from Portugal. They encouraged Ronaldo to play soccer. They did not have very much money so Ronaldo grew up poor.

Why I Feel This Person Is A Leader

I feel he is a leader because he is loyal, trustworthy, and he gives to other's. He donates to charity, and spends a lot of time and money helping kids. And he is the best soccer player in the world.
The life of Cristiano Ronaldo, in HD