Beauty Pageants

Behind the fake tan, and fake everything.


Ah, beauty pageants, a competition in which the entrants, are judged as to physically beauty and sometimes personality and talent, with the winners awards and titles.

You know they have been around since about the 1700's, have you ever realized how much they have changed...take a look and see.

Cons about beauty pageants.

They become hot headed, and they think they can do anything they want.

  • They will probably treat their children like their parents did to them.
  • They may build confidence when they win but what about when they lose, they will have a tantrum and might even not want to compete again.

The children in pageants wear to much makeup

  • Children wear way to much makeup.
  • They think that they should have a lot of makeup in order to get more points from the judges.
  • They think that they should cover up their true beauty.

They worry to much about what's on the outside

  • Some children under the age of 12 think they should go on a diet, because they are to fat to compete.
  • They think they should have to starve themselves to be beautiful and some parents won't let their children to compete because they think their children are to fat to compete.
  • They think they have to wear so much make up to cover their natural beauty.