Drug Addictions


It is illegal to produce, posses, and use opium. The reason it is illegal is because it causes many problems to the body after using it.

Some short term effects are:

-slow heart rate

-poor behavior

-labored breathing (which can lead to a lack of oxygen in the body)

-lack of oxygen can damage blood vessels, brain and other organs





Some long term effects of using opium can potentially lead to drug tolerance. This means that you need to consume more of the product to get the same "feeling". Also if you keep consuming this, it could lead to addiction and physical dependence. Withdrawal symptoms can occurr if long term use is reduced or stopped

Interesting information:

-opium is used in the making of many other drugs (eg. heroine, morphine, etc).

-it was discovered in the 17th century in China

-opium is highly addictive

-the Chinese commonly used opium during rituals & surgery

-opium has been referenced in multiple different movies. The most famous one is The Wizard of Oz (it was used by the Wicked Witch put Dorothy asleep)

-most of opium is produced in Afghanistan

-opium seeds are often used as ingredients for food

Related issues to opium:

Locally/Nationally- opium is used in the production of other drugs (such as, heroine and morphine) this then makes these drugs more addicting for people abusing those drugs in Canada.

International- historically Chinese people use opium for their rituals. They made opium more common.


The consequences of addiction are that your friends and family would leave you because they are not happy with your choices; your marks would go down in school because you are always going to be late and miss class because you are high. You would most likely lose your job because you would constantly come late and you would be financially unstable because you spend all your money on drugs. You would be emotionally and physically unsteady and insecure because the drug is destroying your body.

Where to find help:

If you have a drug addiction there a re rehab facilities available all over the country. Also, you could take part in Narcotics Anonymous, which is a free program, available to all that wish to stop abusing drugs. Another possible way of receiving help, could be to call help lines that are set up to help drug addicts (eg. 1-800-565-8603).