Pravjeet Times Volume 2

By: Keenan Johnston

Doing The Laundry

In the small town of Maycomb there lived a young boy named Jem. One day Jem and friends scout and dill were running around. As these three young ones were running around, Jem ran and crawled under a fence. As he was crawling under the fence into the Radley's yard his pants got caught on a fence. Jems pants fell off and he was too scared of the Radley's house to go back and retrieve his pants. The next morning he finally decided to go back and get his pants. When we went back to the fence that took his pants, something very strange happened. Jems pants were folded up and put back on the fence. Could this be a sign the Boo Radley is still alive?

Guilty For a Bullet

In recent events you might have heard about a dog being shot. A trial went on today and Tom Robertson would be found guilty as he shot a dog named Tim Johnson. It is a tragic story to hear that Tom Robinson has shot a dog. The town of Maycomb is quite frightened to hear about this event and are responding with strong words saying they want stricter gun laws. More news about this story will be revealed.
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The Death Of The Head

On November 22 mid day 1963. President John F Kennedy was killed when he was riding to downtown Dallas Texas. Huge crowds of people exited to see their great leader filled the streets. Just as the car containing the President was passing the Texas book store, gun fire broke loose and mayhem through the streets ran wild. The report we received showed that the president got hit by two bullets, one in the head and one in the neck. This was one of the most tragic moments known to man.
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