Angela Maiers

Texas Matters

Building Confidence

Can we bridge the gap of confidence at every walk of life.

There is a mattering gap . Starts at a 10 in 5 year olds. Down to 3.2 in 4th grade. By 12th grade it is down to 2.04

Essential needs tie into the nattering quotient.

100 million people were asked about mattering. 88 percent said they do not perform at 100 percent. Number 1 reason is because people feel like they don't matter.

5 years olds will seek out the attention they need to feel like they matter. That is why they are happy.

Mattering is the most essential agenda.

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What to do?

Start with making kids feel like they matter.

Why kids come to school- they just want to matter.make sure what we do matters.

How can we show you matter? What would make you run to school?

Smile at me

Notice me

Say their name

Believe in me

Hear me

Inspire me

Help me

Love me

Empower me

Honor me

What would make you run to work

Focus me

Know me

Care about me

Hear me

Help me feel proud

Equip me

Help me see my value

Help me grow

Help me see my value

The power of 1

One word

One smile

One gesture

to make someone feel they matter.

It starts with us...You Matter

It is hard to look inside and say I matter.


It takes thirty days to build up the self worth.

I matter.

I am enough.

Put these words somewhere you will run into everyday.

My worthiness is the only way I can bring others into self worth.

See Branson Stanton- invisible people

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