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Happy September everyone. I hear many mixed reviews on how they feel when September approaches. This depends on who you ask. Ask a student. They will most likely disagree that this is the best time of year. Ask a mother or father and they adore the structure that is about to ensue. That's the category that I'm in. I have always loved this time, though. Maybe because my birthday is in October, or because I enjoy the relief of cooler days and nights, or the smell of bonfires, apple picking while wearing big chunky sweaters, cinnamon donuts and cider, oils diffusing making it smell like I have an apple pie in the oven for 8 hours a day. And oh, kids go back to school. Which means a clean house for 10 seconds as opposed to the normal 5 seconds when there are 4 kids home instead of 2. Whatever category you fall in, please don't think less of me for being a little happy about summer coming to a close. Let's embrace this together with some awesome oil deals!


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What does all of this mean?

If you're wondering how you can get all of this, I will tell you. If you are already a member, and you place a 200PV order, you will receive a free immortelle oil. It's a precious oil that retails at almost $93. This is one of my favorite promos of the year. If you order this before the 15th of the month, you will also receive a free clove oil. Don't forget to place your order under the LRP so you can qualify for the free oil of the month (clove) and earn points toward more free oils!

If you haven't yet enrolled, this is the month! You will qualify for the Immortelle if your order is over 200PV. You are still eligible to receive the immortelle if you aren't a member. You just need your order to equal 200PV at checkout.

Anyone is eligible for 10% the Black Pepper. Retail or wholesale alike.

Host a class this month whether you are local or far away

My upline Lisa is traveling for the next few months sharing doTERRA in what's called "Diamond Club." She will travel to you, teach a class, and if or your guests enroll, she will offer a free oil. With a qualifying enrollment, you could potentially earn 2 oils for free. And with this month being a big time promo month, you could actually get THREE free oils. So lets recap this confusion in a nutshell ~ Thats the opportunity to get 3 oils for FREE this month just by hosting a class (again, whether you are near or far). The oils are of course the Immortelle, Cedarwood and OnGuard. See the picture below. And please let me know if you want to host a class. I ALSO offer incentives to do so. Contact me ASAP before Lisa gets booked up with classes.
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DIffuse Diffuse Diffuse

OATMEAL COOKIE - I have been diffusing this blend for a week now, every single day. I have no intention to stop anytime soon either. Try it. You will love me (and doTERRA). I promise.

Cedarwood ~ Calming oil, aids in focus, emotional well being, coughs, repels insects, sleepy oil for kids (and adults of course)

Cassia ~ promotes healthy cardiovascular function, healthy digestion, helps support healthy immune system function, warming, uplifting aroma, combined with lemon in water it will help ward off hunger, supports hydration

Wild Orange ~ flavorful and promotes overall health, supports healthy immune system, powerful cleanser and purifying agent, natural air freshener, relieves stress, promotes emotional well being, energizing

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2016 Convention

Sept 9th will kick off the start to doTERRA's yearly convention. Other commitments will be keeping me home this year (sadly) but I will have all the info as it becomes available. Stay tuned to see whats new. I'm so excited to learn about all of the new products that will be released this year. It's a personal goal to make it there next year to see everything first hand along with the rest of my team.
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Rachel Mackay, Wellness Advocate #727360

I love the opportunity doTERRA has provided for me to not only take charge of my health and my family's health, but they have offered me a profitable way to stay connected to the outside world while remaining inside with my family at a time in their lives that I don't want to miss. This is not just for those of you that stay home, but for those of you looking for extra income or just a change in pace. The possibilities are endless. What I love about essential oiling and doTERRA is that there are so many avenues you can pursue within this one market (meaning you can focus on emotional health, physical health, cleaning, the elderly, babies and pregnancy, pain management, athletes - the list could go on).

I do it for Jay, Teray, Dontez, Cruz, Mateo, and all of the people that matter so much to mean. If this sounds like a good fit, lets chat.